Doctor Luke Beck

Doctor Luke Beck

Director Of Hdr Students,
School Of Law

Senior Lecturer,
School Of Law


Dr Luke Beck is a constitutional law scholar and currently holds a position as Senior Lecturer in the School of Law at Western Sydney University. He also currently serves as Director of Higher Degree Research. Luke previously held a position at the University of Sydney.

Luke is a leading scholar in the field of separation of religion and state and religious freedom under the Australian Constitution. The principal focus of his research is on developing a deeper and more sophisticated understanding of section 116 of the Australian Constitution in terms of its history and underlying purposes, its relationship and interaction with broader Australian constitutional culture and how it might be best interpreted and applied. Luke has also published on various other aspects of constitutional and public law.

Luke's research has had important impacts outside the academy, including in case law and law reform. His research has been cited in a judgment in the High Court of Australia and relied upon in argument in other cases before courts including the High Court and the New South Wales Court of Appeal. Luke has appeared before a number of parliamentary inquiries to provide expert advice. His research has also been cited in reports of law reform commissions in Australia and overseas.

Luke co-ordinates the compulsory unit Constitutional Law and the elective unit he designed Advanced Constitutional Law. He has previously taught Introduction to Law.

Luke has been appointed by the Law Society of New South Wales as a member of its Specialist Accreditation Government & Administrative Law Advisory Committee for a two year term from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2017.

Luke previously worked in the public service, including in the office of a member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly, at the Office of the Protective Commissioner and at the New South Wales Attorney-General's Department.

Professional memberships:

  • Australian Association of Constitutional Law
  • International Society of Public Law
  • Australian and New Zealand Legal History Society
  • Australian Political Studies Association

Research interests

  • Constitutional Law
  • Public Law
  • Law and Religion
  • Constitutional History

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  • PhD University of Sydney
  • GCertEd University of Sydney
  • LLM University of Sydney
  • LLB (Hons) University of New South Wales
  • BJuris University of New South Wales

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • School Of Law
  • School Of Law


Location: EKA.G.07

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Journal Articles

  • Beck, L. (2017), 'The Australian Constitution's religious tests clause as an anti-discrimination provision', Monash University Law Review, vol 42, no 3 , pp 545 - 578.
  • Beck, L. (2016), 'The case against improper purpose as the touchstone for invalidity under section 116 of the Australian Constitution', Federal Law Review, vol 44, no 3 , pp 505 - 529.
  • Beck, L. (2015), 'When is an office or public trust 'under the Commonwealth' for the purposes of the religious tests clause of the Australian Constitution?', Monash University Law Review, vol 41, no 1 , pp 17 - 39.
  • Beck, L. (2014), 'Dead DOGs? : towards a less restrictive interpretation of the establishment clause : Hoxton Park Residents Action Group Inc v Liverpool City Council (No 2)', University of Western Australia Law Review, vol 37, no 2 , pp 59 - 73.
  • Beck, L. (2014), 'Jack Balkin's Constitutionalism and the Expert Panel on Constitutional Recognition of Indigenous Australians', University of New South Wales Law Journal, vol 37, no 2 , pp 407 - 433.
  • Beck, L. (2014), 'The establishment clause of the Australian Constitution : three propositions and a case study', Adelaide Law Review, vol 35, no 2 , pp 225 - 250.
  • Beck, L. (2013), 'Institutional responses to child sexual abuse : the constitutionality of a Royal Commission', Alternative Law Journal , vol 38, no 1 , pp 14 - 19.
  • Beck, L. (2013), 'What is Kirby's interpretive principle really about?', Australian Law Journal, vol 87, no 3 , pp 200 - 209.
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  • Beck, L. (2012), 'What is a 'Supreme Court of a State'?', Sydney Law Review, vol 34, no 2 , pp 295 - 315.
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  • Beck, L. (2011), 'The constitutional prohibition on religious tests ', Melbourne University Law Review, vol 35, no 2 , pp 323 - 352.
  • Beck, L. (2011), 'The interpretation provisions of statutory bills of rights : a little bit Humpty Dumpty?', Public Law Review, vol 22, no 2 , pp 97 - 112.
  • Beck, L. (2011), 'Fair enough? : the National Security Information (Criminal and Civil Proceedings) Act 2004', Deakin Law Review, vol 16, no 2 , pp 405 - 428.
  • Beck, L. (2008), 'Clear and emphatic : the separation of Church and State under the Australian Constitution', University of Tasmania Law Review , vol 27, no 2 , pp 161 - 196.

Conference Papers

  • Beck, L. (2017), 'Unconscious comparativism : American Establishment Clause jurisprudence in Papua New Guinea', International Society of Public Law. Conference, University of Copenhagen.
  • Beck, L. (2016), 'The theological history of Australia's constitutional separation of church and state provision', International Society of Public Law. Annual Conference, Berlin, Germany.
  • Beck, L. (2016), 'Federal funding of religious schools : some constitutional history and recent case law', Australian Political Studies Association. Conference, University of New South Wales.


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