Doctor Jessy Abraham

Doctor Jessy Abraham

Academic Program Advisor, Primary,
Primary Education

Lecturer in Primary Science and Technology Curriculum,
Primary Education


Jessy received her PhD in Education from the University of Western Sydney in 2013. She lectures in Primary Science and Technology.  Before joining UWS she worked as a science teacher in NSW schools.  Her research interests are in the area of student motivation, engagement and retention in sciences. Her research employs sophisticated quantitative analyses. Currently her research is focused on pre-service science teachers and practices that enhance their self-efficacy in teaching science in primary school settings.

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  • PhD University of Western Sydney
  • MEd University of Kerala
  • BA Ed University of Kerala
  • MSc Mahatma Gandhi University India
  • BA Sc University of Kerala

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Primary Education
  • Primary Education


Phone: (02) 9772 6342
Location: 4.1.22

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Previous Teaching Areas

  • 42025 Primary Science and Technology, 2014


Journal Articles

  • Sanagavarapu, P., Abraham, J. and Atwa, S. (2022), '[In Press] An insight into students' transition to tertiary or academic pathways programs', Community College Journal of Research and Practice, .
  • Sanagavarapu, P. and Abraham, J. (2021), 'Validating the relationship between beginning students' transitional challenges, well-being, help-seeking, and their adjustments in an Australian university', Journal of Further and Higher Education, vol 45, no 5 , pp 616 - 628.
  • Abraham, J., Ferfolja, T., Sickel, A., Power, A., Curry, C., Fraser, D. and Louise, K. (2021), 'Development and validation of a scale to explore pre-service teachers' sense of preparedness, engagement and self-efficacy in classroom teaching', Australian Journal of Teacher Education, vol 46, no 1 , pp 1 - 23.
  • Abraham, J. and Barker, K. (2020), 'Motivation and engagement with physics : a comparative study of females in single-sex and co-educational classrooms', Research in Science Education, vol 50 , pp 2227 - 2242.
  • Sanagavarapu, P., Abraham, J. and Taylor, E. (2019), 'Development and validation of a scale to measure first year students' transitional challenges, wellbeing, help-seeking, and adjustments in an Australian university', Higher Education, vol 77, no 4 , pp 695 - 715.
  • Abraham, J. and Barker, K. (2015), 'An expectancy-value model for sustained enrolment intentions of senior secondary physics students', Research in Science Education, .
  • Abraham, J. and Barker, K. (2015), 'Exploring gender difference in motivation, engagement and enrolment behaviour of senior secondary physics students in New South Wales', Research in Science Education, vol 45, no 1 , pp 59 - 73.
  • Abraham, J. and Barker, K. (2014), 'Sustaining young people's enrolment intentions in relation to physics : development and validation of a tool', Australian Journal of Educational and Developmental Psychology, vol 14 , pp 93 - 116.

Conference Papers

  • Jones, C., Nicholson, R., Ashcroft-Smith, M., Sailba, L., Abraham, J., Mubin, O., Yevenes, K., Bidewell, J., Moussa, M., Arness, D., Berry, J., Hellany, A. and Darestani, M. (2022), 'Beyond the discipline : mapping and developing WIL across transdisciplinary curricula', The Australian Collaborative Education Network. Conference, Melbourne, Vic..

Science and Technology education; Student Motivation and engagement; Mathematics Education; Engagement with Science; Technology in the Primary Science Classroom

This information has been contributed by Doctor Abraham.

Previous Projects

Title: Motivation in EFL classrooms: An investigation into Vietnamese high school teachers'
  • Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam
Western Researchers: Katrina Barker and Jessy Abraham
Years: 2018-03-05 - 2021-03-04
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