Doctor Jeff Foster

Doctor Jeff Foster

Academic Course Advisor,
Psychology: Behavioural Science (SSAP)

DAP - Psychology: Behavioural Science,
Dean's Unit School of Social Sciences & Psychology

Lecturer On-Line Social and Behavioural Sciences,
Psychology: Behavioural Science (SSAP)

Lecturer On-Line Social and Behavioural Sciences,
Psychology: Behavioural Science (SSAP)



  • PhD Victoria University of Wellington (NZ)

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Psychology: Behavioural Science (SSAP)
  • Dean's Unit School of Social Sciences & Psychology
  • Psychology: Behavioural Science (SSAP)
  • Psychology: Behavioural Science (SSAP)


Phone: (02) 9685 9422
Location: EH.G.13A

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Journal Articles

  • Felez-Nobrega, M., Foster, J., Puig-Ribera, A., Draheim, C. and Hillman, C. (2018), 'Measuring working memory in the Spanish population : validation of a multiple shortened complex span task', Psychological Assessment, vol 30, no 2 , pp 274 - 279.
  • Foster, J., Harrison, T., Hicks, K., Draheim, C., Redick, T. and Engle, R. (2017), 'Do the effects of working memory training depend on baseline ability level?', Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition, vol 43, no 11 , pp 1677 - 1689.
  • Hicks, K., Foster, J. and Engle, R. (2016), 'Measuring working memory capacity on the web with the Online Working Memory Lab (the OWL)', Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition, vol 5, no 4 , pp 478 - 489.
  • Cardwell, B., Henkel, L., Garry, M., Newman, E. and Foster, J. (2016), 'Nonprobative photos rapidly lead people to believe claims about their own (and other people's) pasts', Memory and Cognition, vol 44, no 6 , pp 883 - 896.
  • Bleckey, M., Foster, J. and Engle, R. (2015), 'Working memory capacity accounts for the ability to switch between object-based and location-based allocation of visual attention', Memory and Cognition, .
  • Foster, J., Shipstead, Z., Harrison, T., Hicks, K., Redick, T. and Engle, R. (2015), 'Shortened complex span tasks can reliably measure working memory capacity', Memory & Cognition, vol 43, no 2 , pp 226 - 236.
  • Newman, E., Sanson, M., Miller, E., Quigley-McBride, A., Foster, J., Bernstein, D. and Garry, M. (2014), 'People with easier to pronounce names promote truthiness of claims', PLoS One, vol 9, no 2 .
  • Foster, J., Huthwaite, T., Yesberg, J., Garry, M. and Loftus, E. (2012), 'Repetition, not number of sources, increases both susceptibility to misinformation and confidence in the accuracy of eyewitnesses', Acta Psychologica, vol 139, no 2 , pp 320 - 326.
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  • Foster, J., Garry, M. and Loftus, E. (2012), 'Repeated information in the courtroom', Court Review, vol 48, no 1-2 , pp 44 - 47.

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