Doctor Ian Stevenson

Doctor Ian Stevenson

Senior Lecturer,
Music (sohca)


Ian Stevenson is senior lecturer in sound technologies. He teaches a wide range of sound production including recording, synthesis, sound design and post production. His research interests are in sound theory, listening, sound recording and sound installation practice. He is a member of the Digital Humanities Research Group in the School of Humanities and Communication Arts.

In addtion to numerous freelance engagements he has held the following positions:

Documentation Manager, Fairlight ESP, Sydney

Technical Writer, DSP Media, Sydney

Sound Engineer, Autograph Sound Recording, London

Technical Director, Theatre Sound Australia, Brisbane

This information has been contributed by Doctor Stevenson.


  • PhD University of Sydney
  • BA(Hons) The Open University
  • MSc (Hons) City University of London

Professional Memberships

  • Audio Engineering Society (1986 - 2004)
  • British Society of Aesthetics (1997 - 2000)
  • Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (2006 - 2014)
  • International Computer Music Association (1999 - 2005)
  • International Society for the Arts Sciences and Technology (1995 - 2005)
  • Australasian Computer Music Association (1999 - 2017)

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Music (sohca)


Phone: (02) 47360 497
Location: C.G.17
Penrith (Kingswood)

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Current Teaching Areas

  • 101535 Sound and Performance: Expanded Practice

Previous Teaching Areas

  • 101175 Postproduction Sound, 2012
  • 101526 Introduction to Sound Technologies, 2013
  • 101527 Introduction to the Sound Studio, 2013
  • 101532 Music in Theory and Practice, 2013
  • 101536 Sound Composition for Screen Media, 2013
  • 101537 Sound Technologies and Machine Musicianship, 2013
  • 101538 Sound Synthesis and the Sound Environment, 2013
  • 102429 Music Careers Research, 2016


Chapters in Books

  • Stevenson, I. (2016), 'Scheffer's sound effects', Music's Immanent Future: The Deleuzian Turn in Music Studies, Routledge 9781472460219.
  • Blom, D., Stevenson, I. and Encarnacao, J. (2015), 'Assessing music performance process and outcome through a rubric : ways and means', Assessment in Music Education: From Policy to Practice, Springer 9783319102733.

Journal Articles

  • Blom, D., Bennett, D. and Stevenson, I. (2016), 'The composer's program note for newly written classical music : content and intentions', Frontiers in Psychology, vol 7 .
  • Stevenson, I. (2014), 'De Quincey's acoustemology', SoundEffects, vol 4, no 1 , pp 130 - 143.

Conference Papers

  • Stevenson, I. (2016), 'Soundscape analysis for effective sound design in commercial environments', Australasian Computer Music Conference, Brisbane, Qld..
  • Stevenson, I. (2015), 'Performativity and interactivity : concepts for framing the pedagogy of making', Australasian Computer Music Conference, Sydney, N.S.W..
  • Blom, D., Stevenson, I. and Encarnacao, J. (2012), 'The assessment rubric as institutional culture : evaluating creative music processes and outcomes at undergraduate level', ISME Commission for the Education of the Professional Musician. International Seminar, Athens, Greece.
  • Paine, G., Stevenson, I. and Pearce, A. (2007), 'The Thummer Mapping Project (ThuMP)', International Conference on New interfaces for Musical Expression, New York, New York.
  • Stevenson, I. (2005), 'Design Issues for New Performance Systems', Australasian Computer Music Conference, Brisbane.
  • Paine, G. and Stevenson, I. (2005), 'The Thummer Mapping Project (ThuMP)', ACMC05 - Generate and Test, QUT Brisbane.
  • Hewitt, D. and Stevenson, I. (2003), 'E-mic: Extended mic-stand interface Controller', NIME-03 New Interfaces for Musical Expression, McGill University - montreal, QC, Canada.


  • 2012, 'Visionarium'
  • 2011, 'Sharawadji'

Other Publications

  • 2016, 'Canakkale: Gallipoli Songs', Published Work
  • 2014, 'Gentleness-suddeness', Recorded Work
  • 2011, 'Clare Maclean: Osanna TP218', Recorded Work
  • 2011, 'Childhood in Music', Recorded Work
  • 2009, 'Tristan Exploded', Recorded Work
  • 2009, 'Creative Explosion', Recorded Work
  • 2009, 'Ghost Quarters', Recorded Work
  • 2008, 'Music CD - Music of the Spirit', Recorded Work

Research areas: adaptive ambient media, sound theory, electronic music and sound installation, sound recording, music education.

This information has been contributed by Doctor Stevenson.

Previous Projects

Title: The Thummer Mapping Project (ThuMP) modeling playability in a novel new electronic instrument
  • University of Western Sydney
  • Thumtronics Ltd
Western Researchers: Garth Paine and Ian Stevenson
Years: 2005-05-31 - 2007-01-12
ID: P0014604
Title: Virtual and Interactive Performance Research Environment (VIPRE)
  • University of Western Sydney
Western Researchers: Ian Stevenson, Glen Mcgillivray and Sarah Waterson
Years: 2005-10-05 - 2008-05-31
ID: P0014812


Current Supervision

Thesis Title: Beyond Structural Modes of Listening: Electro-Acoustic Music
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Public Drum Project - Exploring Designs for Musical Composition that Enable Participation and Collaboration
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Exploring the Nexus between Electronic Art, Science and Technology: an Oral Histories Project from Penrith to Paris
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Walking with Water: A Multi-disciplinary Cross-cultural Arts Project
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Reinventing Minimalism: Assimilating Repetitive Structures, Oceanic Rhythm and Harmony with an Electric Guitar Driven Musical Voice
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Designing a Conceptual Approach for Interactive Drumkit Performance
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: The Border Crosser Exploration into Improvisation as Intuitive Self-Expression: A Personal Bjork-Irish Celtic Compositional Voice and its Deterritorialisation through Hildegard Structures, Shunyala and Ma Impulses and Transensory Imagery
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Aesthetics of Contextual Sound: The Epistemic Device of Film Music
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: An investigation of emotional and physiological response to texture in 20th century music with no tonal centre.
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: The 'Post-Human' as Creative Strategy for Soundscape Composition
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Developing Adaptive Sonic Media for Use in Community Engagement
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Towards the Light within Hybridisation of Polish-Chaplinesque Compositional Voice: Exploring a Polish Musical Aesthetic towards Dramatic Reinvention of Mazurka Form through Chaplin City Lights
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Personal Contemporary Fadista Voiceprint: The Acoustic and Electroacoustic Sonic Atomisation of the Portuguese Language Towards a Contemporary Australian-Portuguese Identity
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Hearing is Believing: Composing Affective Music for Film
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Embodied Together Alone: Mind-Body Dualism as Conduit to Extending Instrumental Space and Sensory Technology Related to the Human Body
Field of Research:

Previous Supervision

Thesis Title: Interactive Electroacoustics
Field of Research: MUSIC
Thesis Title: An Exploration of the Uncanny in Autonomous Artworks
Field of Research: CREATIVE ARTS
Thesis Title: The Transcendent Experience in Experimental Popular Music Performance
Field of Research: MUSIC
Thesis Title: A Cross-Cultural and Multimedia Fractured Macedonian-Australian Compositional Voice
Field of Research: MUSIC
Thesis Title: Towards the Artistic Moment: A Personal Exploration at the Nexus of Improvised Inter-Disciplinary and Cross Cultural Collaborative Performance through the Metaphor of <i>Ma</i>
Thesis Title: Learning To Listen: The Construction of Listening in Electroacoustic Music Discourse
Thesis Title: Breath through Water: Personal Cross-Cultural and Collaborative Processes Flowing Towards Dao in Composition
Field of Research: CREATIVE ARTS


Title: Antarctica CD - Wirripang 059
Description: A CD of new works by international composers.
Title: Creative Explosion CD - Wirripang WIRR028
Description: A project with project a strong intercultural focus featuring new works by Australian composers.
Title: Music of the Spirit CD - Wirripang WIRR011
Description: Double CD featuring works by Michael Atherton, Anne Boyd, Diana Blom, Bruce Crossman, Houston Dunleavy, Ross Edwards, Ji-yun Lee, Garth Paine, Chinary Ung, SynC, austraLYSIS.
Title: Antonietta Loffredo - Childhood in Music CD - Wirripang WIRR039
Description: Piano music by contemporary Australian and Italian composers played by Antonietta Loffredo.
Title: Clare Maclean - Sydney Chamber Choir CD - Tall Poppies TP218
Description: Choral Music by Clare Maclean, Sydney Chamber Choir, Paul Stanhope- conductor
Title: Shadows and Silhouettes CD - Wirripang WIRR047
Description: New piano compositions celebrating a Chinese-Western confluence played by Antonietta Loffredo.
Title: Sheet Music
Description: Sheet Music: Electronic Posters from Aaron Seymour & Ian Stevenson on Vimeo.
Title: VISIONARIUM - de Quincey Co
Description: A hybrid installation about dreams, memory and the imagination - Sydney College of the Arts
Title: Ghost Quarters - De Quincey Co
Description: Welcome to The Faculty of Dreaming where the brain is haunted ghosts write secret inscriptions on the mind language runs riot thought spreads into wide open spaces and the houseless vagrant walks all night. Someone is out there with murderous intent, but the horrors are all inside. From the writings of the great poet and essayist Thomas De Quincey (1785-1859), GHOST QUARTERS unleashes visions that show us the world as a larger reality, a place of vastness and uncertainty, filled with the changing weathers of the psyche.
Title: Sharawadji - Sound Installation
Description: Sharawadji was installed at First Draft Gallery in Sydney. It was the result of a research project which considered how conceptualising the ontology of sound might influence sound design.

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