Doctor David Burchell

Doctor David Burchell

Senior Lecturer,
Humanities (Arts)


David Burchell has written on early modern political thought and the histories of ethics, citizenship, and religious toleration, and also contributes regularly to current social and political debates . His early modern publications include the co-edited volume (with Juliet Cummins) Science, Literature and Rhetoric in Early Modern England (Ashgate, 2007), and a range of articles in journals such as History of Political Thought, Renaissance Studies, Continuum, Ethnicities  and Economy and Society.  His contemporary political studies include Western Horizon (Scribe, 2003) and The Prince’s New Clothes (co-edited with Andrew Leigh; UNSW Press, 2004). He was for some years a weekly columnist for The Australian newspaper, and is a regular guest and occasional host on ABC Radio National. His current interests include the history of the loss-of-faith of the Western intelligentsia, and the genealogy of the idea of empathy in political and moral life.

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  • PhD University of Sydney
  • BA University of Sydney

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Humanities (Arts)


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  • Burchell, D. (2003), 'Western Horizon: Sydney's Heartland and the Future of Australian Politics', : Scribe Publishing 0908011938.

Chapters in Books

  • Burchell, D. (2016), 'Citizenship and culture', Companion to Intellectual History, Wiley-Blackwell 9781118294802.
  • Burchell, D. (2012), 'Western Sydney', Sociology: Antipodean Perspectives, Oxford University Press 9780195575286.
  • Burchell, D. (2010), ''Does Size Matter?'', All That's Left: What Labor Should Stand For, University of NSW Press 9781742232423.
  • Burchell, D. (2008), 'Trying to Find the Sunny Side of Life', The Best Australian Political Writing 2008, Melbourne University Press 9780522854213.
  • Burchell, D. (2007), 'A Plain Blunt Man: Hobbes, Science and Rhetoric Revisited', Science, Literature and Rhetoric in Early modern England, Ashgate 9780754657811.
  • Burchell, D. (2002), 'Ancient Citizenship and its Inheritors', Handbook of Citizenship Studies: Foundations, Approaches, Histories, Forms, SAGE Publications 076196858.
  • Burchell, D. (2002), 'Perpetual Disillusionment', The Prince's New Clothes: Why do Australians Dislike their Politicians, UNSW Press 086840604X.

Journal Articles

  • Burchell, D. (2005), 'The Trouble with Empathy', Griffith Review, vol 8 , pp 115 - 132.
  • Burchell, D. (2003), 'Paradoxes of the Public Sphere: Enlightenment Fables and Digital Divides', Southern Review, vol 36, no 1 , pp 11 - 21.
  • Burchell, D. (2002), 'What to Do with the Civic Body', Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies, vol 16, no 1 , pp 67 - 79.
  • Burchell, D. (2001), 'Multiculturalism and its discontents: majorities, minorities and toleration', Ethnicities, vol 1, no 2 , pp 233 - 249.

Previous Projects

Title: Australian Policy Online Enhancement Project
  • Australian Research Council (Other Research Grants)
Western Researchers: David Burchell
Years: 2005-01-01 - 2006-06-30
ID: P0014656


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Thesis Title: The Spirit of British India: The Impact of John Stuart Mill's Political Thought on British India, 1855 - 1880
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Thesis Title: Independent Voices - John Lucas and his Contemporaries in NSW Colonial Politics
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