Doctor Anna Cristina Pertierra

Doctor Anna Cristina Pertierra

Director, International,
Dean's Unit - School Of Humanities & Comm Arts

Senior Lecturer In Cultural And Social Analysis,
Arts (sohca)


Anna Cristina Pertierra's research uses ethnography to examine everyday social practice, with a particular interest in media, consumption and material culture, and urban modernities. Regionally, her work focuses on Cuba, Mexico and the Philippines. Prior to joining Western Sydney University, Anna was a Lecturer in Anthropology and an ARC Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies, both at the University of Queensland. Anna has a PhD in Anthropology from University College London and a BA Hons in Social Anthropology from the University of Sydney. 

Current research interests include:

  • Media, especially television, in Cuba, Mexico and the Philippines.
  • Gendered identities and practices, especially women and girls.
  • Entertainment and popular culture.
  • Consumer culture and the emergence of urban modernities in the Philippines and Latin America.

Anna is the Director, International for Humanities and Communication Arts. 

Anna is also a member of the Institute for Culture and Society and the Digital Humanities Research Group. 

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  • PhD University of London

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Dean's Unit - School Of Humanities & Comm Arts
  • Arts (sohca)


Phone: (02) 9772 6565
Location: 1.G.65

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Previous Teaching Areas

  • 101906 Researching Culture, 2015
  • 102410 Digital Cultures, 2017
  • 102413 Consumer Culture, 2016
  • 102413 Consumer Culture, 2017



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Chapters in Books

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Journal Articles

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  • Pertierra, A. (2008), 'En casa : women and households in post-soviet Cuba', Journal of Latin American Studies, vol 40, no 4 , pp 743 - 767.


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Thesis Title: Identities of Vietnamese Youth under the Impact of Media Fandom
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