Associate Professor Sally Macarthur

Associate Professor Sally Macarthur

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Associate Professor Sally Macarthur lectures in Musicology and is Director of Academic Program, Music. She has researched and written on topics to do with new classical music, women's music and music in spiritual and cross-cultural contexts. Her work draws on the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and feminist theory. Her book, Towards a Twenty-First-Century Feminist Politics of Music, is a feminist-Deleuzian approach to the woman composer question. It maps a cartography, exploring the ways in which representational modes of thought constrain and limit our understandings of music, critiques the contribution of feminist work to musicology, looks at the ways in which entrepreneurship/neoliberalism impact negatively on the woman composer, and offers the concept of 'becoming'  as a 'thinking tool' for effecting change. Macarthur does not aim to find a solution. Rather, she posits a different way to think about the issues. The composers she has more recently focused on are Elena Kats-Chernin, Anne Boyd, Moya Henderson and Sofia Gubaidulina.

Her recent articles appear in Musicology Australia, Radical Musicology, Australian Feminist Studies, Cultural Studies Review and the Journal of Music Research Online. Her books include as above,Towards a Twenty-First-Century Feminist Politics of Music (Ashgate 2010), and others such as Feminist Aesthetics in Music (Greenwood 2002), with Bruce Crossman and Ronaldo Morelos a co-edited volume, Intercultural Music: Creation and Interpretation (Australian Music Centre, 2006) and with Cate Poynton, Musics and Feminisms (Australian Music Centre, 1999). Sally Macarthur is currently co-editing with Judy Lochhead (Stony Brook, NY) and Jennie Shaw (Adelaide) another volume, Music's Immanent Future: The Deleuzian Turn in Music Studies and has contributed a chapter to Becoming with Music and Sound: Musicking Deleuze and Guattari edited by Taru Leppänen, Pirkko Moisala, Milla Tiainen and Hanna Väätäinen (in press).  

She was recognised by the Centre for the Study of Higher Education, Griffith Institute for Higher Education and Queensland University of Technology in 2007 for fostering an interest in research among her undergraduate students. In 2008, she was highly commended as a member of the Music Research Supervisor's Group for Excellence in Postgraduate Research Training and Supervision in the Vice-Chancellor's Awards.


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  • PhD University of Sydney
  • BMus University of Adelaide
  • DipMusEd NSW Conservatorium of Music

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  • Music (sohca)
  • Music (sohca)


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Chapters in Books

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Journal Articles

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Conference Papers

  • Macarthur, S. (2007), 'Gender and the Tertiary music curriculum in Australia', Nactmus Conference, Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University.
  • Macarthur, S. and Schaffler, R. (2004), 'Visions of a New Spirituality in Australia: The Music of Anne Boyd', Loose Canons, Australian National University, Canberra.
  • Macarthur, S. (2002), 'Lesbian Politics and the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir', 8th IASPM Australia - New Zealand Conference, UTS, Sydney.

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