Professor Robert Mailhammer

Professor Robert Mailhammer

Professor and Chair, Academic Senate,
Languages, Linguistics, I&T, TESOL

Chair, Academic Senate,
Director's Unit, Governance Services

Languages, Linguistics, I&T, TESOL


I joined Western Sydney University in 2012. After receiving my PhD in Linguistics from the University of Munich in 2007 I worked as a postdoc in Melbourne (2007) and at the ANU (2009-2010). I've also held positions in Germany (University of Munich 2002-2008, Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt 2009) and the US (Arizona State University 2010-2012). My research interests are very broad, but focus on historical linguistics, Germanic languages and Australian languages.

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  • Phd Ludwig Maximilian University Munich


  • Historical Linguistics
  • Language Documentation
  • Morphology
  • Phonology
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Typology

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Languages, Linguistics, I&T, TESOL
  • Director's Unit, Governance Services
  • Languages, Linguistics, I&T, TESOL


  • HCA School Research and Higher Degrees Committee
  • Major Area Convener Linguistics


Phone: (02) 9772 6189
Location: 1.1.37

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Previous Teaching Areas

  • 101450 Sociolinguistics, 2017
  • 102042 The Sound of Language, 2017



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Chapters in Books

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Journal Articles

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Conference Papers

  • Yu, J., Mailhammer, R. and Cutler, A. (2020), 'Vocabulary structure affects word recognition : evidence from German listeners', International Conference on Speech Prosody, Tokyo, Japan.
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Current Projects

Title: Iwaidja ethnomedicine and oral history
  • Aboriginal Resource and Development Services Aboriginal Corporation
  • University of Western Sydney
  • Mamaruni School
  • Laboratoire de Linguistique Formelle (CNRS and University of Paris)
  • Minjilang Clinic
Western Researchers: Robert Mailhammer
Years: 2019-12-01 - 2024-12-31
ID: P00026208
Title: The building blocks of language: Words in Central Australian languages
  • Australian Research Council (ACRG)
Western Researchers: Robert Mailhammer
Years: 2022-01-03 - 2024-12-31
ID: P00027111
Title: 1 potato, 2 wotatoes, 3 otatoes: Lexical access in Australian languages [via UoN]
  • Australian Research Council (ACRG)
  • Australian Research Council (ACRG)
  • University of Western Sydney
Western Researchers: Robert Mailhammer
Years: 2019-01-01 - 2023-12-31
ID: P00024854

Previous Projects

Title: Reconstructing Australia's linguistic past: Are all Australian languages related to one another? [via Uni of Newcastle]
  • Australian Research Council (ACRG)
Western Researchers: Robert Mailhammer
Years: 2014-03-18 - 2019-06-30
ID: P00021889
Title: Research Event - Workshop on the phonetics and phonology of Australian Indigenous languages
  • Australasian Speech Science & Technology Association
Western Researchers: Robert Mailhammer, Jason Shaw and Catherine Best
Years: 2013-06-13 - 2013-06-14
ID: P00021030
Title: The Indigenous Grammar of Aboriginal English: Implications for Contact Linguistics
  • Australian Research Council (ACRG)
Western Researchers: Robert Mailhammer
Years: 2013-06-21 - 2017-12-31
ID: P00020838
Title: A Field Manual for ultrasound research [via ANU CoE]
  • Australian Research Council (ACRG)
Western Researchers: Robert Mailhammer
Years: 2016-05-01 - 2017-08-31
ID: P00023478
Title: Linguistic reconstruction in the age of Bayes
  • Australian Research Council (ACRG)
Western Researchers: Robert Mailhammer
Years: 2018-07-01 - 2020-10-31
ID: P00025224
Title: Documentation of Amurdak, an endangered language from Northern Arnhem Land (Australia)
  • School of Oriental and African Studies - University of London
Western Researchers: Robert Mailhammer
Years: 2012-04-01 - 2013-01-01
ID: P00020698
Title: A cross-linguistic investigation of the factors affecting ethnobiological knowledge transmission in Arnhem Land - Dr Aung Si [via ANU]
  • Australian Research Council (ACRG)
Western Researchers: Robert Mailhammer
Years: 2019-07-01 - 2019-12-31
ID: P00025949


Professor Mailhammer is available to be a principal supervisor for doctoral projects

Current Supervision

Thesis Title: Cultural-linguistic Practices in Palembangnese Humour and Directives in Indonesia: A Discourse Analysis
Field of Research: Society And Culture; Southeast Asian Languages; Linguistics
Thesis Title: Linguistic contact in Sulawesi
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Multilingualism and Education in Nepal: A study of the effects of mother tongue medium multilingual education in improving a child's learning outcomes and the barriers to its successful implementation
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Syntactic and Morphological Analysis of Rohingya
Field of Research:

Previous Supervision

Thesis Title: The Effectiveness of Home Language Medium Instruction on Improving Primary School Students' Mathematical Performance
Field of Research: Teacher Education: Primary
Thesis Title: Believing is Seeing: Awareness and Alignment in the Acquisition and Communication of Social Meaning
Field of Research: Linguistics
Thesis Title: A Corpus-Based Study of N1-N2 Words in Archaic Chinese
Field of Research: Creative Arts, N.e.c.

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