Professor Joseph Cheer

Professor Joseph Cheer

Acting Associate Dean, International,
Dean's Unit, School of Social Sciences

Professor of Sustainable Tourism and Heritage,
Geography, Tourism & Planning


Joseph is Professor of Sustainable Tourism and Heritage, School of Social Sciences, Western Sydney University, Australia (2023). In 2022, Western Sydney University was ranked 1st in the world for impact according to the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings - global performance tables that assess universities against the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He was formerly Professor of Sustainable Tourism, Center for Tourism Research, Wakayama University, Japan.

He is presently Co Editor-in-Chief of the scientific journal Tourism Geographies - according to Scopus (April 2022), Tourism Geographies is ranked 2nd in Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management and 2nd in Geography, Planning and Development, subject groups respectively.

Joseph took on the role as Co-Chair of the World Economic Forum Future Council on the Future of Sustainable Tourism in 2023. He is also a board member of PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) since 2022.

Joseph has received research funding from Japan Society for the Promotion of Sciences (JSPS), Australian Research Council (ARC), Tourism Research Australia, Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT), Australia Japan Foundation and Australia China Council, among others. Joseph is a Board Member of Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), International Geographical Union (IGU) Tourism Commission, American Association of Geographers Recreation, Tourism and Sport (AAG-RTS) and Critical Tourism Studies Asia Pacific.

In 2022, Joseph delivered the International Geographical Union (IGU) Distinguished Lecture at the IGU Centennial Congress at the Sorbonne, Paris. Also in 2022, he lectured in Harvard University’s Sustainable Tourism Program and Summer School in the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and in the School of Hospitality & Tourism Management, University of Surrey, among others.

Joseph earned his PhD at Monash University, Australia, and he presently holds adjunct professorships at Wakayama University (Japan), Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand) and UCSI University (Malaysia). In 2022, he was a visiting fellow at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (2022), Barcelona and has had similar stints in Sweden (Mid-Sweden University), Sri Lanka (University of Colombo) and Japan (Hiroshima University and University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa).

Joseph is a prolific writer, analyst and consultant and sought after public speaker, having published numerous books, research articles, and reports analysing tourism and the wider visitor economy, as well as speaking at events around the globe. Most recently, in April 2023, he was invited by the Korea Tourism Organization and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea to speak at the Seoul Lecture Series hosted by the Hyundai Research Institute.

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  • PhD Monash University


  • Asia Studies
  • Human Geography
  • Sustainability
  • Tourism, heritage, the environment and the transformation of place

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Dean's Unit, School of Social Sciences
  • Geography, Tourism & Planning


Phone: (02) 9685 9190
Mobile: 0438308469
Location: G.14

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Other Publications

  • 2021, 'Realising the Opportunities of Chinese Tourism: A Comparative Study', Report

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