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Professor Anna Cody

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Anna Cody is the Dean of the School of Law, Western Sydney University.  Anna Cody has a PhD from UNSW, (with excellence), a Masters in Law from Harvard University and Bachelor of Arts and Law from UNSW.  She was previously an Associate Professor and Director of Kingsford Legal Centre, University of New South Wales.  She worked at the Centre for over 20 years which is a leader of Australian clinical legal education.  Anna is the winner of the 2016 Human Rights Commission Law award and 2007 Community lawyer award from the Women Lawyers Association NSW.  She has also won numerous teaching awards including a 2010  Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning from the Australian Learning and Teaching Council.   From 2011 to 2013 Anna was the Chair of CLCNSW and member of the Board of Law Access.  She was also the Deputy Chair of the NSW Legal Assistance Forum. She is currently the Chair of Community Legal Centres Australia and the Director of the Board of NSW Legal Aid Commission.  Her areas of research are in legal education, particularly clinical legal education as well as human rights and discrimination law. She has made numerous submissions to United Nations human rights committees when they have reviewed Australia’s fulfilment of its human rights obligations. 

She has also worked in human rights in Mexico, specialising in disability and migrant rights, in international development work in East Timor and Indonesia, and for 2 years with the Center for Economic and Social Rights in New York developing their program on the right to health, focussing on mining and human rights issues.  Anna has previously worked with Indigenous women in Alice Springs establishing a domestic violence service, and in community legal education in El Salvador.

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