Mrs Grace Borsellino

Mrs Grace Borsellino

Associate Dean, International,
School of Law

Dean's Unit - School of Law


Grace Borsellino is a Lecturer and Course Convenor in Corporate Law and Governance at Western Sydney University, School of Law. Grace has been an invited international speaker to universities in Taiwan and Hong Kong delivering conference speeches in areas of Corporate Law, Corporate Culture and the Regulation of FinTech, the Digital Economy, and Blockchain related Cryptocurrencies. Grace has delivered comparative corporate law classes in Malaysia to one of the university’s law school partners and co-convenes two legal technology units entitled Technology, Innovation and The Law and Designing Law Apps for Access to Justice.   

Conference Speeches

Grace Borsellino, 'Proposed Benefit Corporation Legislation in Australia: Lessons from Italy and the United States' (Speech Delivered at School of Continuing Education, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan, 15 March 2019).   

Grace Borsellino, 'The Rise of Social Enterprise and Australia's Regulation of Corporate Culture' (Speech Delivered at 2019 5th Enterprise Innovation and Management Law Conference, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan, 14 March 2019).  

Grace Borsellino, 'Regulating in the Evolving FinTech Era: A Delicate Balancing Act' (Speech Delivered at 2018 International Law Conference on Law, Technology and the Imperative of change in the 21st Century, Asia International Arbitration Centre, Malaysia, 4 September 2018). 

Grace Borsellino, ‘Regulating in the Digital Economy: FinTech, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings’ (Invited Speech delivered at Legal Problems with the Application of Smart Contracts and the Way Forward Conference, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China, 24 May 2018). 

Grace Borsellino, ‘The Regulation of Fintech in Australia’ (Invited Keynote Speech delivered at 2018 FinTech Innovation and Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Trends Symposium, Chinese Culture University, Taipei, Taiwan, 15 March 2018). 

Grace Borsellino, 'Teaching Technology in Corporate Law for Engagement' (Speech delivered at 2017 Annual ALTA Conference, University of South Australia, Adelaide, 6 July 2017). 

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  • LLM Western Sydney University
  • GradDipLegPract University of Western Sydney
  • LLB University of Western Sydney

Professional Memberships

  • Australasian Law Teachers Association (2017 - 2017)


  • Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Law
  • FinTech/RegTech
  • Corporate Culture

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • School of Law
  • Dean's Unit - School of Law


  • Equity and Diversity Working Party, School of Law
  • Work Plan Committee, School of Law
  • Parramatta ECR/MCR Academic Advisory Group
  • Master of Laws (International Governance)
  • OPSS Working Group Career Opportunity, Recognition and Reward


(02) 9685 9545
Location: EK.G.02A

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Previous Teaching Areas

  • 200018 Law of Associations, 2017
  • 200018 Law of Associations, 2018
  • 200018 Law of Associations, 2019
  • 200018 Law of Associations, 2020
  • 200183 Law of Business Organisations, 2016
  • 200296 Law Economics and Business Ethics, 2016
  • 200700 Law Honours Dissertation, 2019
  • 200700 Law Honours Dissertation, 2020
  • 200909 Enterprise Law, 2018
  • 201039 Technology, Innovation and the Law, 2019
  • 201039 Technology, Innovation and the Law, 2020
  • 201040 Designing Law Apps for Access to Justice, 2019
  • 201040 Designing Law Apps for Access to Justice, 2020
  • 51227 Company Law (PG), 2016


Journal Articles

  • Foong, C. and Borsellino, G. (2022), 'Regulation of clinical trials and pandemic research : upholding ethical standards during a COVID-19 crisis', Biotechnology Law Report, vol 41, no 3 , pp 138 - 153.
  • Borsellino, G., Foong, C. and Allan, S. (2021), 'The regulation and governance of clinical trials : past and present considerations to ensure ethical treatment of human participants', Journal of Law and Medicine, vol 28 , pp 421 - 438.
  • Harris, J. and Borsellino, G. (2020), 'Competing interests', Company Director, vol 36, no 10 , pp 30 - 31.
  • Adams, M., Borsellino, G. and Young, A. (2019), 'Australian Prudential Regulation Authority : the history, criticisms and challenges of a risk regulator', Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation, vol 34, no 8 , pp 279 - 286.
  • Adams, M., Borsellino, G. and Young, A. (2017), 'Regulating conduct of financial institutions in Australia : is culture the new frontier of regulation?', Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation, vol 32, no 3 , pp 86 - 92.
  • Adams, M., Borsellino, G. and Young, A. (2017), 'Leading from the top : the missing piece in nurturing good corporate culture?', Governance Directions, vol 69, no 4 , pp 203 - 206.
  • Adams, M., Borsellino, G., McCalman, J. and Young, A. (2017), 'Australia's proposed Banking Executive Accountability Regime : regulatory panopticon or fail-safe?', Governance Directions, vol 69, no 9 , pp 528 - 531.
  • Adams, M. and Borsellino, G. (2015), 'Is there a positive link between corporate governance and board diversity? : lessons from Asia', Journal of Law and Governance, vol 10, no 1 , pp 1 - 10.
  • Adams, M. and Borsellino, G. (2015), 'The unspoken reality of diversity on boards', Governance Directions, vol 67, no 2 , pp 78 - 81.


This information has been contributed by Mrs Borsellino.


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