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Emeritus Professor Hazel Smith

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Hazel Smith is an Emeritus Professor in the Writing and Society Research Centre. From 2007-2017 she was a Research Professor in the Centre. She is author of  The Contemporary Literature-Music Relationship: intermedia, voice, technology,cross-cultural exchange, Routledge, 2016, The Writing Experiment: strategies for innovative creative writing, Allen and Unwin, 2005 and Hyperscapes in the Poetry of Frank O'Hara: difference, homosexuality, topography, Liverpool University Press, 2000. She is co-author of Improvisation, Hypermedia And The Arts Since 1945, Harwood Academic, 1997 and co-editor with Roger Dean of Practice-led Research, Research-led Practice in the Creative Arts, Edinburgh University Press, 2009. Hazel has also contributed numerous articles and book chapters on contemporary literature, contemporary poetry, electronic writing, the creative writing process, creative writing pedagogy, contemporary intermedia and relationships between literature and music. 

Hazel is also a poet, performer and new media artist, and has published five volumes of poetry, three CDs of performance work and numerous multimedia works.  Her most recent volumes of poetry are Ecliptical, ES Press, Spineless Wonders, 2022, Word Migrants, Giramondo Publishing, 2016 and The Erotics of Geography: poetry, performance texts, new media works, (with accompanying CD Rom), Tinfish Press, Kaneohe, Hawaii, 2008. Formerly a professional violinist, she is a member of austraLYSIS, the sound and intermedia arts group.  She has performed her work extensively in the US, Europe, UK and Australasia, and has been co-recipient of numerous grants for austraLYSIS from the Australia Council for the Arts (including a key organization grant 2000-2004). In 2012-13 she was a recipient of an Australia Council for the Arts Literature Board Digital and New Media Writing grant. She has had five large-scale commissions from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and in 1992 her collaboration with Roger Dean,  Poet Without Language, was nominated by the ABC for the prestigious Prix Italia Prize. She has performed her work extensively in the USA, Europe, UK and Australasia. Her collaborations "motions" and "novelling" with Will Luers and Roger Dean,  are published in the Electronic Literature Collections 3 and 4. In 2017 "novelling", was shortlisted for the Turn on Literature Prize, an initiative of the Creative Europe Program of the European Union and In 2018 was awarded first place in the Electronic Literature Organisation's international Robert Coover award. In 2023 her collaboration with Will Luers and Roger Dean was shortlisted for the UK-baed New Media Writing Award.  In 2020 Hazel collaborated with artist Sieglinde Karl-Spence on a major exhibition of text and image, 'Heimlich Unheimlich', in the Broadhurst Gallery, Hazelhurst Arts Centre, Sydney. This exhibiiton was subsequently shown again at the Edith Cowan University Gallery 25 in 2021 and the John Mullins Memorial Gallery, Dogwood Crossing, Queensland, 2023.

Hazel was the founder editor of infLect, an online international journal of new media writing based at the University of Canberra (2004-6), and is now co-editor with Roger Dean of soundsRite, a journal of new media writing and sound, based at the Western Sydney University. Her website is at www.australysis.com

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  • PhD Nottingham University

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  • Dean's Unit, School of Humanities & Comm Arts


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  • 2021, 'Heimlich Unheimlich'
  • 2020, 'Heimlich Unheimlich'
  • 2018, 'Hem of Memory'

Other Publications

  • 2022, 'Ecliptical', Published Work
  • 2022, 'Dolphins in the Reservoir', Published Work
  • 2021, '"Missing " and "Viral Year"', Published Work
  • 2021, '"Dedication" and "The Child"', Published Work
  • 2021, 'Holding the Vertical', Published Work
  • 2021, 'The Accountants (or Brexit for Breakfast); Faking It; Emergent Emergencies; Postscript; Cool Shrug', Published Work
  • 2021, 'Musing', Published Work
  • 2020, 'Ash and Berries : Communing with John Ashbery', Published Work
  • 2020, 'Learning to be Human', Published Work
  • 2020, 'Plague', Published Work
  • 2020, 'Three poems: "Screenshots", "Off Limits", and "Artistic License"', Published Work
  • 2019, 'Travel Diary', Published Work
  • 2019, 'Tennis Court Ode', Published Work
  • 2019, 'Elsewhere and Fractals', Published Work
  • 2019, 'The talkers', Published Work
  • 2019, 'Listening', Published Work
  • 2019, 'Snow Monkeys', Published Work
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  • 2018, 'Time Machinations', Published Work
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My research interests span contemporary poetry, experimental writing, electronic literature, the relationship between literature and music and the creative process. I am a creative writer currently involved in a number of creative projects including writing a new poetry book which will have both mixed-media content and an accompanying website with mutlimedia works.  I am also currently engaged in creative collaborations with environmental artist Sieglinde Karl-Spence, ceramicist Joanna Still and filmmaker Ettore Siracuso. In addition I am involved in an ongoing text generation project with Professor Roger Dean, the MARCS Institute, which uses computational  'deep learning' techniques. 

This information has been contributed by Emeritus Professor Smith.

Previous Projects

Title: Ageing Creatively: Creative Writing as a Tool for Healthy Ageing
  • University of Western Sydney
Western Researchers: Anthony Uhlmann, Paul Arthur, Christopher Davis, Denis Burnham, Esther Chang, Hazel Smith, Jason Ensor, Rachel Hendery, Rachel Morley and Melinda Jewell
Years: 2015-03-01 - 2016-06-30
ID: P00022526


Emeritus Professor Smith is available to be a principal supervisor for doctoral projects

Current Supervision

Thesis Title: Mapping Invention: The Role of Creative Research in Producing Literary Sense of Place
Field of Research:

Previous Supervision

Thesis Title: The Representation of Dance in Australian Novels: The Darkness Beyond the Stage-lit Dream
Field of Research: Dance
Thesis Title: The Bogan: Investigating Continuity of an Archetype in the Writing of a Novel, Short Stories, a Play and a Song Cycle
Field of Research: Society And Culture
Thesis Title: Resistance and its Limits in Consumer Society
Field of Research: Communication And Media Studies, N.e.c.; Written Communication; Literature
Thesis Title: Drawn to the Slaughter: Violence in Jazz Novels
Field of Research: Literature; Other Creative Arts
Thesis Title: Mapping Invention: How Creative Writers Use Experiential Techniques to Produce 'Literary Sense of Place'/'The Fever Diaries': A Novel
Field of Research: Performing Arts; Other Creative Arts; Human Geography
Thesis Title: Ghostspeaking: Heteronyms and the Translation of Poetry
Field of Research: Other Creative Arts
Thesis Title: Poetry in Prose: Writing the Lyrical Novel
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Echoes and Polyphones: The Choral Poetics of Dan Beachy-Quick and Passage: New Poems
Field of Research: Other Creative Arts

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