Doctor Waldo Garrido

Doctor Waldo Garrido

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Music & MCMT


Dr Garrido was a founding member of the Australian jazz band The Catholics. He was signed to Warner Chappell Music for 16 years. He is a world renown bassist, composer, singer, and producer who has worked with various pop, Latin and jazz bands and musicians such as The Party Boys, Floyd Vincent, Disco Montego, Delta Goodrem, Swoop, Anthony Copping and Robin Loau. Dr Garrido has produced two solo albums (Dejame Tocarte, a South American release through Sony and Loco Festival/Mushroom records). Dr Garrido has had two radio hits in his native Chile, Muerdeme la Lengua and Dejame Tocarte. His song Fiesta Latina picked at number 12 in the Aria Club Charts in Australia. Dr Garrido has writing film scores including Random 8, winner of a Bronze Palm in the Feature Narrative section of Mexico International Film Festival. Dr Garrido has written songs for various films including, Strange Planet, Deja Hacer la Historia, Submerge an. Dr Garrido has published an academic book entitled Música De Chiloé: Folklore, Syncretism, and Cultural Development in a Chilean Aquapelago (Lexington Books). Dr Garrido is currently signed to a worldwide publishing contract with BMG. He is also a member of Centre for Elite Performance, Expertise and Training at Macquarie Univesity. Dr Garrido is an adjunct fellow in psychology at Macquarie University. Dr Garrido has a worldwide distribution contract with HIGHRESAUDIO (Berlin). Dr Garrido has worked with some of Australia’s top producers and engineers including Peter Dawkins (Dragon, Australian Crawl), David Hemming (Jessica Mauboy, Crocodile Dundee II) and Peter Contini (Marcia Hines, Tim Finn). Recently, Dr Garrido has been working in Germany producing three projects, a Latin album, a Jazz album, and an album with some of Berlin’s top Oriental and German musicians. Dr Garrido’s new studio project Viaje a Chiloe, was mixed in Berlin by Frank Kerestedjian (Ganggajang, Voice of Germany). Dr Garrido published a book for Routledge with associate professor David Cashman. Dr Garrido is also part of the Moviolas, an international audio-visual ensemble led by professor Philip Hayward from UTS.

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  • PhD Macquarie University
  • BA Macquarie University
  • MDsgn University of Sydney

Professional Memberships

  • APRA (2020)
  • BMG (2020)

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Music & MCMT
  • Music (SoHCA)
  • Music & MCMT


Phone: (02) 47360 497
Location: C.G.17
Penrith (Kingswood)

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  • Cashman, D. and Garrido, W. (2020), 'Performing Popular Music: The Art of Creating Memorable and Successful Performances', : Routledge 9781138585058.
  • Garrido, W., Bendrups, D. and Hayward, P. (2019), 'Musica de Chiloe: Folklore, Syncretism, and Cultural Development in a Chilean Aquapelago', : Lexington Books 9781498528856.

Chapters in Books

  • Garrido, S. and Garrido, W. (2016), 'The psychological function of music in mourning rituals : examples from three continents', Music and Mourning, Routledge 9781472458797.
  • Garrido, W. and Hayward, P. (2011), 'Chiloe : an offshore song culture', Island Songs: A Global Repertoire, Scarecrow Press 9780810881778.

Journal Articles

  • Garrido, W. and Bendrups, D. (2013), 'Transcultural latino : negotiating music industry expectations of Latin American migrant musicians in Australasia', Musicology Australia, vol 35, no 1 , pp 138 - 152.

Conference Papers

  • Garrido, S. and Garrido, W. (2011), 'The folklore of death : 'cantos de angeles' and cultural syncretism on the island of Chiloe', International Small Island Cultures Conference, Whitsundays, Qld..

Other Publications

  • 2020, 'I'm Warning You', Recorded Work
  • 2020, 'From Damascus To Berlin', Recorded Work
  • 2020, 'Dreaming in Colour', Recorded Work
  • 2020, 'Viaje a Chiloe'', Recorded Work
  • 2015, 'Dark Shadows: The Moviolas', Recorded Work


Current Supervision

Thesis Title: It's All Connected: Chan Mindfulness as a Holistic Creative Practice and Secular-Spiritual `Way? Linking Improvisation, Composition and its Theoretical basis in a Pitch-Rhythm Nexus
Field of Research:
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Intercultural Authenticity Towards Musical Connections: Composing and Producing Chilean Mapuche and Korean Shamanism Hybrid Music for Therapeutic Contexts
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