Doctor Sasha Alexander

Doctor Sasha Alexander

DAP - UnderGraduate Industrial Design,
Industrial Design

Senior Lecturer,
Industrial Design



My practice has an interdisciplinary mindset in approaching projects and I believe that a curious mind across the professions, cultures, human-centered local-to-global up-scalable outcomes, and respect for co-dependent socio-biological-technical sustainable systems, builds trust for collaboration and co-created innovations.


Focus on global value chains, design thinking, interdisciplinary methods and practice, UNSDG integration practice, and innovation commercialisation (neuroscience, eye health, holographic recording, design for health and well being)

> A$320K in grants and awards: sustainability in engineering infrastructure; indigenous knowledges; forestry; industrial electrical; 21C Curriculum: Future of Work; inclusive design: aged, needle syringe program; value chain management.


  • IoT augmented design and collaboration processes
  • Interdisciplinary Space Lab (Founder and Australian first)
  • Design Management: Local and global value chains
  • UNSDG practice integration
  • Human centred design methods
  • Industrial design history and practice
  • Indigenous graduate attribute (class size experience 15 monodiscipline-to-735 multidiscipline)

Industry & Academic Experience

B&R Products (in-house consultant); Caroma (in-house consultant); Design Synergy (staff designer); KHR Architects/KHiD Copenhagen Denmark (only international in-house consultant in an office of 125 Holscher-Axelsson era); Hassell-EBC Systems (consultant); Digital Communications Group (consultant. Now UniSA Institute for Telecommunications Research); Transportation Futures (California and Sweden); Sustainable Futures (Tasmania); University of Technology (UTS) School of Design, Architecture and Building (Faculty of Design); Western Sydney University (WSU) Faculties and Schools include: Business; Informatics; Health and Science; Engineering and Industrial Design, and Computing, Engineering, and Mathematics; WSU Associate Head of School (School of Engineering); WSU Director of Academic Program Industrial Design; WSU Head of Program Design and Technology; WSU Technical Manager School of Engineering; Design Institute of Australia (DIA) Fellow (continuous since 1988 & Councillor in three Australian states) and NSW President & Honorary National Secretary (1995/6); International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID liaison for DIA and WSU 1993+), ICSID endorsed International Design Conference Management Committee (Sydney Design 99 with 1600 delegates), ICSID World Design Capital Seoul Korea invited expert inclusive design mentor for international student workshop; Board Nominee World Design Organisation (WDO 2017).

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  • PhD University of Western Sydney
  • BDes University of South Australia

Professional Memberships

  • Design Institute of Australia Fellow (1988)
  • Industrial Design Society of America (2012)
  • Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (2011)


  • Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Corporation Scholarship Award 2002-01-01

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Industrial Design
  • Industrial Design


  • School of Engineering, Design, and Built Environment
  • Director of Academic Program


Phone: (02) 9685 9747
Location: Level 4

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Previous Teaching Areas

  • 300773 Industrial Design Project (Commencement), 2021
  • 300774 Industrial Design Project (Completion), 2021
  • 301281 Designing for Circular Economy, 2021
  • 301292 Biomechanics in Product Innovation, 2020
  • 301293 Designing for Circular Economy (Advanced), 2021
  • 301294 Studio: Interdisciplinary Global, 2021
  • 301301 Design Thinking for Successful Brands and Products, 2021
  • 301302 Design Thinking for Competitive Advantage, 2021


Journal Articles

  • Alexander, S. and Bannova, O. (2021), 'University based interdisciplinary space lab : designing for astronaut health and wellbeing', Acta Astronautica, vol 186 , pp 382 - 395.

Conference Papers

  • Yevenes, K., Payette, J., Alexander, S. and Berry, J. (2020), 'Partnerships in an industrial design studio : augmenting the master-apprentice model to inspire collaboration', Design Research Society. Conference, Online.
  • Alexander, S. and Bannova, O. (2019), 'Interdisciplinary Space Lab : undergraduate curriculum innovation utilising astronaut health and wellbeing requirements for long duration space missions (LDMs)', International Astronautical Congress, Washington, D.C..
  • Alexander, S. (2013), 'Innovation journey : design thinking in the value chain', Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference, Hobart, Tas..
  • Alexander, S. and Chapman, R. (2011), 'Emotive satisfaction, competitiveness and leveraging end-consumer value: Intangible end-consumer value perceptions in a natural product value chain', 25th Annual Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference: The Future of Work and Organisations, Wellington, New Zealand.
  • Alexander, S. (2011), 'Embedding indigenous knowledge: Seeking new design opportunities at the edge of the cultural interface - An Australian education case study', 2011 International Design Alliance IDA Congress Education Conference, Taipei.
  • Alexander, S. (2010), 'Design driven value innovation through stakeholder collaboration - Are there distinct differences in learning outcomes?', ConnectED 2010 - 2nd International Conference on Design Education, Sydney Australia.
  • Alexander, S. (2010), 'Supercharging value chains by understanding collective knowledge and leveraging collaboration for competitive advantage: An Australian forest product study', 24th Annual Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference: Managing for Unknowable Futures, Adelaide, South Australia.
  • Alexander, S. (2009), 'Competition and collaboration in the Australian timber furniture industry - a value chain approach toward higher value creation for local and global markets and pathways for sustainable forest resource use', Proceedings. IFA Conference, Caloundra, Queensland, Australia.
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration for innovation
  • Interdisciplinary Teamwork
  • Value Chain Strategic Management
  • Astronaut Health and Wellbeing Long Duration Missions
  • Circular Economy
  • UNSDG Integration
  • Design Thinking Practice

This information has been contributed by Doctor Alexander.

Previous Projects

Title: Design of Electrical Enclosures
  • AusIndustry - Dept Industry Science & Resources
Western Researchers: Sasha Alexander
Years: 2001-01-29 - 2002-01-29
ID: P0010626
Title: Competition and Collaboration in the Australian Timber Furniture Industry - a value chain approach
  • Forest and Wood Products Australia Ltd
Western Researchers: Ross Chapman and Sasha Alexander
Years: 2002-03-01 - 2008-06-30
ID: P0013218
Title: Pressalit Denmark: Design for IoT Health
  • Pressalit A/S
Western Researchers: Sasha Alexander
Years: 2019-06-28 - 2019-07-26
ID: P00025931
Title: Silver Screen Glass Whiteboards
  • Silverscreen Designer Glassboards
Western Researchers: Sasha Alexander
Years: 2015-08-20 - 2015-12-04
ID: P00024337
Title: Exhibition Fixtures for 3M Innovation Centre
  • 3M Australia
Western Researchers: Sasha Alexander
Years: 2021-11-15 - 2022-02-15
ID: P00027653

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