Doctor Ping Yang

Doctor Ping Yang

Senior Lecturer In Linguistics,
Languages, Interpreting and Translation (sohca)


Dr Ping Yang is a Senior Lecturer in Linguistics and an Academic Course Advisor for Master of Arts in TESOL in the School of Humanities and Communication Arts at  Western Sydney University (WSU). Currently researching in several areas of applied linguistics (e.g. intercultural communication, nonverbal communication, English-Chinese translation, and teacher training in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL), Dr Yang played a lead role in developing and shaping the current three postgraduate TESOL courses in compliance with the Australian Qualifications Framework 2013. 

Before joining the School in May 2010, he taught Business Academic Skills at the WSU School of Marketing, and academic literacy programs including UniStep, AcaPrep and academic essay writing at the WSU Student Learning Unit. After completing a doctoral research project in linguistics, thanks to a competitive Overseas Postgraduate Research Scholarship (OPRS) from the Australian Government, Dr Yang also taught inter and intra-cultural communication, academic writing, research and learning skills at postgraduate level in the Department of Linguistics and Centre for International Communication at Macquarie University. Before joining WSU, he worked in the NSW public sector.

Dr Yang was an Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Academia Sinica) in Beijing and had extensive experience teaching postgraduate students English for academic purposes (EAP), including listening, speaking, reading, writing, and bi-directional English-Chinese translation skills for nine years. He also had as many years of experience teaching and managing various English language training programs and test-taking courses. Benefits from teaching the five macro skills simultaneously have been great for his teaching career and current wide-range research interests. It was in the same graduate school that he completed a two-year postgraduate program. Finally, he taught English as a foreign language (EFL) at a selective high school in China for three years after completing a four-year BA in English Language Education at a teachers' university.

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  • PhD Macquarie University

Professional Memberships

  • The Association of Commonwealth Universities-Internationalisation Community (2018 - 2023)
  • The Cambridge Panel (2020 - 2025)


  • Macquarie University Postgraduate Research Funds (1998-1999) 1998-03-01
  • Chunhui Visiting Scholar, Chinese Ministry of Education 2011-09-18
  • Reviewer Certificate from TESOL Journal 2019-05-24
  • Overseas Postgraduate Research Scholarship (OPRS) 1997-03-01


  • Tennis, table tennis and badminton

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Languages, Interpreting and Translation (sohca)


  • School of Academic Committee


Phone: (02) 9685 4715
Location: ED.G.99

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Current Teaching Areas

  • 101698 TESOL Internship
  • 101950 Intercultural Communication
  • 102283 Multicultural Nonverbal Communication
  • 102338 Intercultural Communication (PG)
  • 102478 TESOL Placement

Previous Teaching Areas

  • 101441 English Semantics and Pragmatics, 2012
  • 101697 TESOL Methodology and Curricula, 2011
  • 101698 TESOL Internship, 2011
  • 100721 Contexts of TESOL, 2011
  • 101297 Languages and Linguistics Special Project, 2011
  • 101697 TESOL Methodology and Curricula, 2010
  • 101698 TESOL Internship, 2010
  • 100721 Contexts of TESOL, 2010
  • 101297 Languages and Linguistics Special Project, 2010
  • 100195 Introduction to Translation, 2010
  • 200336 Business Academic Skills, 2010
  • 101698 TESOL Internship, 2009
  • 101696 Introduction to Translation PG, 2009
  • 101297 Languages and Linguistics Special Project, 2009
  • 200336 Business Academic Skills, 2009
  • 101697 TESOL Methodology and Curricula, 2014
  • 101698 TESOL Internship, 2014
  • 100718 TESOL Curriculum Development, 2009
  • 101698 TESOL Internship, 2012
  • 101697 TESOL Methodology and Curricula, 2013
  • 101824 Second Language Assessment and Testing, 2013
  • 101950 Intercultural Communication, 2013
  • 101698 TESOL Internship, 2013
  • 101697 TESOL Methodology and Curricula, 2012
  • 101454 Intercultural Pragmatics, 2012
  • 101824 Second Language Assessment and Testing, 2012
  • 102283 Multicultural Nonverbal Communication, 2016
  • 101698 TESOL Internship, 2016
  • 101950 Intercultural Communication, 2016
  • 101824 Second Language Assessment and Testing, 2014
  • 101950 Intercultural Communication, 2014
  • B1709 Intercultural Communication, 2015
  • 102283 Multicultural Nonverbal Communication, 2015
  • 101698 TESOL Internship, 2015
  • 101950 Intercultural Communication, 2015
  • 101824 Second Language Assessment and Testing, 2016
  • 102338 Intercultural Communication (PG), 2017
  • 102283 Multicultural Nonverbal Communication, 2017
  • 101698 TESOL Internship, 2017
  • 102283 Multicultural Nonverbal Communication, 2019
  • 101698 TESOL Internship, 2019
  • 102478 TESOL Placement, 2018
  • 102478 TESOL Placement, 2019
  • 102283 Multicultural Nonverbal Communication, 2018
  • 102338 Intercultural Communication (PG), 2018
  • 101698 TESOL Internship, 2018
  • 101950 Intercultural Communication, 2018



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Journal Articles

  • Yang, P. (2020), 'Intercultural responsiveness : learning languages other than English and developing intercultural communication competence', Languages, vol 5, no 2 .
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Conference Papers

  • Susilo, A., Yang, P. and Qi, R. (2019), 'Shaping EFL teachers' critical intercultural awareness through intercultural education', English Language and Literature International Conference, Semarang, Indonesia.
  • Yang, P. (2011), 'Developing cross-cultural communication competence through translation', Proceedings of the "Synergise!" Biennial National Conference of the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators: AUSIT 2010, .
  • Yang, P. (2010), 'Head or shoulder : identifying cross-cultural differences', International Conference on Multicultural Discourses, Hangzhou, China.

1. Research interests: ORCID:0000-0002-3646-438X

  • Intercultural communication
  • Multicultural nonverbal communication
  • Gesture and culture
  • Body language in interpreting
  • Cross-cultural studies in translation
  • Cross-cultural perspectives in TESOL

2. Additional publications:

More publications are available in the University library repository

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3. Previous funded research project: Understanding Aboriginal Australian Culture Through Translation

     Investigators: Dr Ping Yang and Dr Chong Han

     Leading a group of UWS students, Dr Ping Yang and Dr Chong Han worked on the project Understanding Australian Aboriginal Culture Through Translation. It aimed to help Chinese community understand and appreciate the richness and glory embedded in Aboriginal Australian culture and history by translating Aboriginal Sydney (2010) and Aboriginal Darwin (2006) into Chinese. All participants used an opportunity to put translation theories into practice and had a better understanding of Aboriginal Australian history and culture. The two bilingual books were published by Aboriginal Studies Press in March 2013.

     Funding sources: The Commonwealth through the Australia-China Council of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade; School of Humanities and Communication Arts, Western Sydney University

     Project period: 2011-2012


This information has been contributed by Doctor Yang.


Current Supervision

Thesis Title: Game of Cultures: Cross-Cultural Adaptation of Chinese Students in Australian Universities
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Investigating Translating Islamic Terms into English in Indonesian Context
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Developing EFL Learners' and Teachers' Critical Intercultural Awareness in Indonesian Tertiary Classrooms: The Use of Video Clip-assisted Intercultural Learning Tasks
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Pragmatic Transfer in Advice-giving as a Speech Act of Saudi Students in Australia
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Investigating Saudi Tertiary Teachers and Learners Attitudes Towards The Communicative Language Teaching: A Mixed Methods Approach
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: The Cross-Cultural Adaptation of Experiences of Persian Speakers in Australia
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: A Sociolinguistic Study of Doctor-Patient Interaction in Health Care Settings: A Jordanian Persepective
Field of Research:

Previous Supervision

Thesis Title: The Cultural Appropriateness of Communicative Language Teaching: A Case Study of the EFL Program Implementation at a Vietnamese Tertiary Institution
Field of Research: Teacher Education: Higher Education; English As A Second Language Teaching; Curriculum Studies; Other Society And Culture
Thesis Title: Understanding the Linguistic and Cultural Taboos of Lebanese Arabic Speakers in Australia
Field of Research: Society And Culture Not Elsewhere Classified; Other Society And Culture; Southwest Asian And North African Languages; Linguistics


Title: ACIAC Public Talk
Description: This talk reflects on the intercultural differences between the Aboriginal people and the English-speaking Australians. It helps audience understand various cultural differences and approach them positively. While the cultural diversity and cultural variations in Australia are acknowledged, there is a strong sense of collectivistic cultural tradition and practice in the Aboriginal communities, and the equally prevailing individualistic culture dominates Australia. Although the two cultural groups live and work side by side on a daily basis, not all of them are fully aware of intercultural communication differences between them and they may cause intergroup misunderstanding and workplace issues.
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