Doctor Maria Bhatti

Doctor Maria Bhatti

Senior Lecturer,
School of Law


Dr. Maria Bhatti is a Senior Lecturer with the School of Law, specialising in the field of religion and the law. She examines the relationship between religious and secular legal systems, as well as the influence of religion on society and its connection with law. Dr. Bhatti brings a unique perspective to international comparative law, examining how different legal frameworks approach religious matters. Her research aims to foster cultural understanding, legal empowerment, policy improvements, and social justice to create a more inclusive and harmonious society where diverse communities thrive.

She obtained her Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws degrees from the University of Melbourne. During her master's program, she undertook a thesis that delved into the taxation implications of Islamic finance. Her work on this topic earned her a prestigious scholarship from the National Australia Bank.

Dr. Bhatti completed her PhD at Monash University, where she explored the relationship between religious and secular law through the lens of international commercial arbitration. She is a recognised authority and research leader in the area of Islamic law and international commercial laws, and also the author of the book, "Islamic Law and International Commercial Arbitration," published by Routledge in 2019. The publication earned her the distinguished Emeritus Professor H. P. Lee Student's Publication Prize from Monash University.

Before completing her PhD, Dr. Bhatti worked as a family lawyer in Melbourne, gaining practical experience in the field. Additionally, she has taught "Equity and Trusts" at Monash University and the University of Technology Sydney in the Department of Law.

In addition to her expertise in law and religion, Dr. Bhatti is deeply committed to promoting cultural diversity, equity, and inclusion, with a specific emphasis on fostering inclusive environments in the workplace. Her dedication to these principles underscores her belief in the importance of creating spaces that respect and value individuals from all backgrounds.



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  • PhD Monash University

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • School of Law



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Previous Teaching Areas

  • 200432 Commercial Law, 2019
  • 200757 Equity & Trusts, 2019
  • 200757 Equity & Trusts, 2021
  • LAWS3018 Equity & Trusts, 2022
  • LAWS3039 Islam, International Law and Human Rights, 2022



  • Bhatti, M. (2019), 'Islamic Law and International Commercial Arbitration', : Routledge 9781138604254.

Chapters in Books

  • Bhatti, M. (2020), 'Resolving Islamic finance disputes through arbitration in the Middle East', The Growth of Islamic Finance and Banking: Innovation, Governance and Risk Mitigation, Routledge 9780367205881.
  • Bhatti, M. (2019), 'Islamic dispute resolution in the United Kingdom', Dispute Resolution in Islamic Finance: Alternatives to Litigation?, Routledge 9780815393313.

Journal Articles

  • Bhatti, M., Hashimi, M. and Noakes, S. (2023), 'Anti-discrimination laws in Australia : are Muslim women protected?', Australian Journal of Human Rights, vol 29, no 1 , pp 1 - 22.
  • Spagnolo, L. and Bhatti, M. (2023), 'Conflicts of interest between Sharia and international sale of goods : does CISG interest fit with Islamic law', Monash University Law Review, vol 49, no 1 .
  • Bhatti, M. (2019), 'The role of Shari'a in international commercial arbitration', Wisconsin International Law Journal, vol 36, no 1 , pp 46 - 86.
  • Bhatti, M. (2015), 'Taxation treatment of Islamic finance products in Australia', Deakin Law Review, vol 20, no 2 , pp 263 - 298.
  • Bhatti, M. (2011), 'Mudaraba, musharaka, murabaha : new terms to bank on', Law Institute Journal, vol 85, no 8 , pp 48 - 52.
  • Bhatti, M. and Bhatti, M. (2010), 'Toward understanding Islamic corporate governance issues in Islamic finance', Asian Politics and Policy, vol 2, no 1 , pp 25 - 38.


Current Supervision

Thesis Title: Deciphering the Political Economy Underpinning of Shariah Business Products Development in Indonesia
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Risk and Regulation of Islamic Banks: The Indonesian Experience
Field of Research: Business And Commercial Law; Banking, Finance And Related Fields; Law, N.e.c.
Thesis Title: Management of Hajj Pilgrim Funds in Indonesia; Considerations of Efficiency and Fairness to Pilgrims
Field of Research:


Title: Editorial Piece
Description: Conflicts of interest? How to reconcile international contract law and Islamic law???s prohibition of usury
Title: Editorial Piece
Description: Are Australia???s anti-discrimination laws protecting the rights of Muslim women?
Title: Editorial Piece
Description: Why is Australia reluctant to accommodate Islamic banking and finance?
Title: Editorial Piece
Description: Islamic law and international commercial arbitration- Is Harmony Possible?
Title: Podcast
Description: Islamic Law & International Commercial Arbitration
Title: Editorial Piece
Description: Islamic dispute resolution

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