Doctor Joy Paton

Doctor Joy Paton

DAP - Arts Therapy and Counselling,
Arts Therapy & Counselling

Senior Lecturer in Art Therapy,
Arts Therapy & Counselling


Dr Joy Paton is Director of Academic Program (DAP) for Arts Therapy and Counselling. With a backround in political economy, Joy brings her expertise in sustainability to considerations of the self-society-environment nexus as it bears on the field of Arts Therapy and Counselling. Her intellectual project bridges the domains of contemporary art, ecology, politics/power, psychotherapy and sociology. Joy's work is informed by critical ecology, feminist poststructuralism and the new (and not so new) materialisms, leading to a conception of art therapy as an interdisciplinary practice of social justice. Her research-led teaching prioritises transformative learning experiences to foster reflexive students with capacities for critical and creative thinking. Joy's research interests centre on mental health recovery, art therapy practitioner education and the use of visual research methods in contexts of social and/or geographical disadvantage, marginalisation and vulnerability. Her current research (with the Caring at End of Life Research Program) centres on the end of life needs in Aboriginal and CALD communities of Western Sydney. Joy previously worked at the University of Sydney (Discipline of Political Economy) where she was a teacher and researcher for many years. Amongst other publications, she is the author of Seeking Sustainability (Routledge) and co-author of Market Society (Cambridge University Press). Joy is passionate about the role of art and nature in personal and collective wellbeing and has curated and participated in a number of exhibitions related to these themes and to issues of social and environmental justice.

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  • MART University of Western Sydney
  • GCEDH University of Sydney
  • PhD University of Sydney
  • BECSS University of Sydney

Professional Memberships

  • ANZACATA (2015 - 2022)

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Arts Therapy & Counselling
  • Arts Therapy & Counselling



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Journal Articles

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Conference Papers

  • Horsfall, D. and Paton, J. (2017), 'Ethical research design in mental health recovery', Australian Sociological Association. Conference, Perth, W.A..


  • 2018, '(IN-Fuse) salt for gold'

Other Publications

  • 2023, 'What Matters in the End: Understanding the End-of-Life Needs of Culturally & Linguistically Diverse and Aboriginal Communities in Western Sydney Local Health District', Report
  • 2023, 'Stories of Care at End-of-life: Listening to Aboriginal and Culturally Diverse Communities in Western Sydney', Report
  • 2018, 'Recovering Creativity: The Art of Mental Health Recovery [Exhibition Catalogue]', Published Work
  • 2018, 'Mind the Gap: Tending the Interface of Art and Therapy: Exhibition Catalogue', Published Work
  • 2018, 'Recovering Creativity: Understanding the Role of Art in Mental Health Recovery, Through the Voices and Images of People with Lived Experience of a Major Mental Health Problem', Report
  • 2017, 'Picturing Recovery: Stories about Living Well with Mental Illness: Exhibition Catalogue', Published Work
  • 2016, 'Stories of Recovery from the Bush: Images and Narratives Unravelling Mental Illness, Self and Place: Exhibition Catalogue', Published Work
  • 2016, 'Stories of Recovery from the Bush: Unravelling the Experience of Mental Illness, Self and Place', Report

Previous Projects

Title: Benevolent Society_Stories of Recovery from the bush
  • The Benevolent Society
Western Researchers: Joy Paton and Debbie Horsfall
Years: 2017-01-17 - 2017-08-14
ID: P00024428
Title: A Palliative Care Needs Analysis in CALD and Aboriginal Communities in the Western Sydney Local Health District
  • Western Sydney Local Health District
Western Researchers: Rosemary Leonard and Joy Paton
Years: 2020-02-17 - 2022-11-30
ID: P00026475

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