Doctor Jay Bose

Doctor Jay Bose

Senior Lecturer in Intensive Food Production,
Food Sciences

Senior Lecturer in Intensive Food Production,
Food Sciences


Dr Jayakumar (Jay) Bose is an Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellow (2022–2026) and a former ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Awardee (DECRA; 2017–2020).

Dr Bose has spent much of his research career improving abiotic stress tolerance in crop plants by manipulating water and nutrient transport proteins. His research highlights include the discovery of how naturally salt-loving plants (halophytes) tolerate salt in comparison with traditional crops (glycophytes). The fundamental insights he has generated will create targeted opportunities to introduce salt-tolerance genes into salt-sensitive crops, creating rapid, step-change improvements in crop productivity in saline soils, and bolstering food security for Australian and global populations into the future.

Dr Bose made significant contributions to plant science, with numerous publications in high-ranking journals (e.g. Nature Communications, Trends in Plant Science, Plant Physiology, New Phytologist). His work is cited more than 5400 with a h-index of 32 (Google Scholar). Seven of his publications are now placed in the top 1% of cited papers in the research field of Plant & Animal Science (Web of Science; Clarivate analytics).

Dr Bose actively seeks and engages with industry partners to translate his fundamental research discoveries into crop plants. Importantly, his lab uses knowledge of the specific genes that bestow crop improvement —to engage further with industry partners to translate fundamental knowledge into commercially and environmentally viable horticulture and broadacre crops. He actively mentors young minds by teaching into undergraduate and postgraduate subjects and by providing research training to PhD students, visitors and post-doctoral fellows.

His overall achievements in research excellence, collaboration, public outreach, and leadership have been recognised by numerous awards including 2017 South Australian Young Tall Poppy Award from the Australian Institute of Policy and Science.

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  • PhD University of Western Australia
  • MSc Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
  • BSc Tamil Nadu Agricultural University

Professional Memberships

  • Australian Society of Plant Scientists (2010)
  • Global Centre for Land-Based Innovation (2021)
  • Associate Editor – Frontiers in Plant Science (2016)
  • Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment (2021)
  • Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (2016)


  • University of Western Australia Postgraduate Teaching Internship 2007-07-05
  • Western Sydney University Research Impact Competition finalist 2022-11-02
  • School of Science Excellence in Research Award, Western Sydney University 2021-12-02
  • Adelaide Protein Group Early Career Research Bio-Strategy Award 2018-09-05
  • South Australian Young Tall Poppy Science Award 2017-07-26
  • University of Adelaide Daniel Walker Medal 2016-11-09


  • Crop Stress Physiology
  • Electrophysiology
  • Greenhouse Horticulture
  • Horticultural Crop Growth and Development
  • Molecular Cell Biology - Biotechnology
  • Plant Biology
  • Plant Biotechnology
  • Plant Nutrition

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Food Sciences
  • Food Sciences


  • School of Science Engagement Committee
  • Global Centre for Land-Based Innovation


(02) 4570 1675
Location: M15.G.45

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Previous Teaching Areas

  • HORT2003 Plant Production, 2022
  • HORT7006 Plant-Climate Interactions in Controlled Environments, 2021


Chapters in Books

  • Alnayef, M., Bose, J. and Shabala, S. (2018), 'Potassium uptake and homeostasis in plants grown under hostile environmental conditions, and its regulation by CBL-interacting protein kinases', Salinity Responses and Tolerance in Plants. Volume 1, Targeting Sensory, Transport and Signaling Mechanisms, Springer 9783319756707.

Journal Articles

  • Milne, R., Dibley, K., Bose, J., Ashton, A., Ryan, P., Tyerman, S. and Lagudah, E. (2023), 'Expression of the wheat multipathogen resistance hexose transporter Lr67res is associated with anion fluxes', Plant Physiology, vol 192, no 2 , pp 1254 - 1267.
  • Zimmermann , M., Bose, J., Kramer, E., Atkin, O., Tyerman, S. and Baskin, T. (2022), 'Oxygen uptake rates have contrasting responses to temperature in the root meristem and elongation zone', Physiologia Plantarum, vol 174, no 2 .
  • Shabala, S., Alnayef, M., Bose, J., Chen, Z., Venkataraman, G., Zhou, M., Shabala, L. and Yu, M. (2021), 'Revealing the role of the calcineurin B-like protein-interacting protein kinase 9 (CIPK9) in rice adaptive responses to salinity, osmotic stress, and K+ deficiency', Plants, vol 10, no 8 .
  • Kannan, P., Paramasivan, M., Marimuthu, S., Swaminathan, C. and Bose, J. (2021), 'Applying both biochar and phosphobacteria enhances Vigna mungo L. growth and yield in acid soils by increasing soil pH, moisture content, microbial growth and P availability', Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, vol 308 .
  • Qu, Y., Guan, R., Bose, J., Henderson, S., Wege, S., Qiu, L. and Gilliham, M. (2021), 'Soybean CHX-type ion transport protein GmSALT3 confers leaf Na+ exclusion via a root derived mechanism, and Cl- exclusion via a shoot derived process', Plant, Cell and Environment, vol 44, no 3 , pp 856 - 869.
  • Munns, R., Day, D., Fricke, W., Watt, M., Arsova, B., Barkla, B., Bose, J., Byrt, C., Chen, Z., Foster, K., Gilliham, M., Henderson, S., Jenkins, C., Kronzucker, H., Miklavcic, S., Plett, D., Roy, S., Shabala, S., Shelden, M., Soole, K., Taylor, N., Tester, M., Wege, S., Wegner, L. and Tyerman, S. (2020), 'Energy costs of salt tolerance in crop plants', New Phytologist, vol 225, no 3 , pp 1072 - 1090.
  • Alnayef, M., Solis, C., Shabala, L., Ogura, T., Chen, Z., Bose, J., Maathuis, F., Venkataraman, G., Tanoi, K., Yu, M., Zhou, M., Horie, T. and Shabala, S. (2020), 'Changes in expression level of OsHKT1;5 alters activity of membrane transporters involved in K+ and Ca2+ acquisition and homeostasis in salinized rice roots', International Journal of Molecular Sciences, vol 21, no 14 .
  • Borjigin, C., Schilling, R., Bose, J., Hrmova, M., Qiu, J., Wege, S., Situmorang, A., Byrt, C., Brien, C., Berger, B., Gilliham, M., Pearson, A. and Roy, S. (2020), 'A single nucleotide substitution in TaHKT1;5-D controls shoot Na+ accumulation in bread wheat', Plant, Cell and Environment, vol 43, no 9 , pp 2158 - 2171.
  • Kamran, M., Ramesh, S., Gilliham, M., Tyerman, S. and Bose, J. (2020), 'Role of TaALMT1 malate-GABA transporter in alkaline pH tolerance of wheat', Plant, Cell and Environment, vol 43, no 10 , pp 2443 - 2459.
  • Warraich, A., Krishnamurthy, S., Sooch, B., Vinaykuma, N., Dushyanthkumar, B., Bose, J. and Sharma, P. (2020), 'Rice GWAS reveals key genomic regions essential for salinity tolerance at reproductive stage', Acta Physiologiae Plantarum, vol 42, no 8 .
  • Malik, S., Mesquita, L., Silva, C., Mesquita, J., Rocha, E., Bose, J., Abiri, R., Figueiredo, P. and Costa-Junior, L. (2019), 'Chemical profile and biological activities of essential oil from Artemisia vulgaris L. cultivated in Brazil', Pharmaceuticals, vol 12, no 2 .
  • Pottosin, I., Zepeda-Jazo, I., Bose, J. and Shabala, S. (2018), 'An anion conductance, the essential component of the hydroxyl-radical-induced ion current in Plant Roots', International Journal of Molecular Sciences, vol 19, no 3 .
  • Bose, J., Munns, R., Shabala, S., Gilliham, M., Pogson, B. and Tyerman, S. (2017), 'Chloroplast function and ion regulation in plants growing on saline soils : lessons from halophytes', Journal of Experimental Botany, vol 68, no 12 , pp 3129 - 3143.
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  • Percey, W., McMinn, A., Bose, J., Breadmore, M., Guijt, R. and Shabala, S. (2016), 'Salinity effects on chloroplast PSII performance in glycophytes and halophytes', Functional Plant Biology, vol 43, no 11 , pp 1003 - 1015.
  • Chakraborty, K., Bose, J., Shabala, L. and Shabala, S. (2016), 'Difference in root K+ retention ability and reduced sensitivity of K+ -permeable channels to reactive oxygen species confer differential salt tolerance in three Brassica species', Journal of Experimental Botany, vol 67, no 15 , pp 4611 - 4625.
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  • Bose, J., Rodrigo-Moreno, A., Lai, D., Xie, Y., Shen, W. and Shabala, S. (2015), 'Rapid regulation of the plasma membrane H+-ATPase activity is essential to salinity tolerance in two halophyte species, Atriplex lentiformis and Chenopodium quinoa', Annals of Botany, vol 115, no 3 , pp 481 - 494.

Current Projects

Title: Targeting chloroplasts to enhance crop salt tolerance
  • Australian Research Council (ACRG)
Western Researchers: Jay Bose
Years: 2022-01-31 - 2026-07-01
ID: P00027680
Title: Increasing intrinsic heat tolerance of wheat through improved genetics in source-sink relationship
  • Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC)
Western Researchers: Zhonghua Chen, Jay Bose and Oula Ghannoum
Years: 2023-03-01 - 2027-03-01
ID: P00028507


Previous Supervision

Thesis Title: Linking Salinity Tolerance to Molecular Evolution of Grass Stomata
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Targeting Chloroplasts to Enhance Crop Salt Tolerance
Field of Research:


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