Doctor Cathy Kaplun

Doctor Cathy Kaplun

Research Fellow,
TeEACH Strategic Research Institute



  • PhD Charles Sturt University

Professional Memberships

  • Ingham Institute fro Applied Medical Research (2007)

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • TeEACH Strategic Research Institute


Phone: (02) 4620 3955
Location: 3

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Chapters in Books

  • Kaplun, C., Grace, R., Knight, J., Anderson, J., West, N., Mack, H., Comino, E. and Kemp, L. (2017), '"Everybody has got their own story" : urban Aboriginal families and the transition to school', Families and Transition to School, Springer 9783319583273.
  • McDonald, A., Goff, W., Hopps, K., Kaplun, C. and Rogers, S. (2014), 'Starting school : synthesis and analysis', Transitions to School: International Research, Policy and Practice, Springer 9789400773493.

Journal Articles

  • Dadich, A., Kaplun, S., Kaplun, C., Hopwood, N. and Elliot, C. (2023), ''it was that ... specialist ... that finally listened to us ... that's probably a weird answer to what you were expecting' : clinician and carer perspectives on brilliant feeding care', Health Expectations, vol 26, no 1 , pp 488 - 497.
  • Townley, C., Grace, R., Woodrow, C., Baker, E., Staples, K., Locke, M. and Kaplun, C. (2023), '[In Press] Educator perspectives on embedding Acknowledgement to Country practices in early learning centres in Australia', Australasian Journal of Early Childhood, .
  • Fuller, A., Kaplun, C. and Short, A. (2022), 'The application of the Music Therapy Visual Schedule Approach (MT-ViSA) within a group music therapy program', Nordic Journal of Music Therapy, vol 31, no 2 , pp 153 - 175.
  • Jones, C., Kalashnikova, M., Khamchuang, C., Best, C., Bowcock, E., Dwyer, A., Hammond, H., Hendy, C., Jones, K., Kaplun, C., Kemp, L., Lam-Cassettari, C., Li, W., Mattock, K., Odemis, S. and Short, K. (2022), 'A short-form version of the Australian English communicative development inventory', International Journal of Speech Language Pathology, vol 24, no 4 , pp 341 - 351.
  • Binasis, T., Kaplun, C. and Schmied, V. (2022), 'Parents' beliefs, perceptions and practices : influence on child school readiness in Western Sydney, Australia', Health and Social Care in the Community, vol 30, no 6 , pp 4103 - 4112.
  • Dadich, A., Hockey, K., Kaplun, C., Fleming, C., Hopwood, N., Moraby, K. and Elliot, C. (2021), '[In Press] Clinician and carer moral concerns when caring for children who tube-feed', Journal of Child Health Care, .
  • Eapen, V., Woolfenden, S., Schmied, V., Jalaludin, B., Lawson, K., Liaw, S., Lingam, R., Page, A., Cibralic, S., Winata, T., Mendoza Diaz, A., Lam-Cassettari, C., Burley, J., Boydell, K., Lin, D., Masi, A., Katz, I., Dadich, A., Preddy, J., Bruce, J., Raman, S., Kohlhoff, J., Descallar, J., Karlov, L., Kaplun, C., Arora, A., Di Mento, B., Smead, M., Doyle, K., Grace, R., McClean, T., Blight, V., Wood, A. and Raine, K. (2021), '"Watch Me Grow- Electronic (WMG-E)" surveillance approach to identify and address child development, parental mental health, and psychosocial needs : study protocol', BMC Health Services Research, vol 21, no 1 .
  • Glover, J., Samir, N., Kaplun, C., Rimes, T., Edwards, K., Schmied, V., Katz, I., Walsh, P., Lingham, R. and Woolfenden, S. (2021), 'The effectiveness of place-based interventions in improving development, health and wellbeing outcomes in children aged 0-6 years living in disadvantaged neighbourhoods in high-income countries : a systematic review', Wellbeing, Space and Society, vol 2 .
  • Baker, J., Raman, S., Kohlhoff, J., George, A., Kaplun, C., Dadich, A., Best, C., Arora, A., Zwi, K., Schmied, V. and Eapen, V. (2019), 'Optimising refugee children's health/wellbeing in preparation for primary and secondary school : a qualitative inquiry', BMC Public Health, vol 19, no 1 .
  • Kaplun, C. (2019), 'Children's drawings speak a thousand words in their transition to school', Australasian Journal of Early Childhood, vol 44, no 4 , pp 392 - 407.
  • Kaplun, C., Dockett, S. and Perry, B. (2017), 'The Starting School study : mothers' perspectives of transition to school', Australasian Journal of Early Childhood, vol 42, no 4 , pp 56 - 66.
  • Kaplun, C., Knight, J., Grace, R., Dockett, S., Perry, B., Comino, E., Jackson Pulver, L. and Kemp, L. (2016), 'Gudaga Goes to School Study : methods used in understanding school transitions and early education experiences of an urban Aboriginal cohort', Educational Studies, vol 42, no 1 , pp 54 - 71.

Other Publications

  • 2021, 'Acknowledgement of Country practices in Early Learning Centres', Report

Previous Projects

Title: Caring for carers: How to support decision-making at seminal moments [Catharine Fleming]
  • University of Technology Sydney
Western Researchers: Ann Dadich, Catharine Fleming, Premaratne Samaranayake, Hilal Hurriyet and Cathy Kaplun
Years: 2020-06-01 - 2021-06-30
ID: P00026471
Title: "I've got your back": How can coaches support children participating in sport after traumatic experiences
  • Dana Foundation International Brain Research Organisation (IBRO)
Western Researchers: Cathy Kaplun, Ann Dadich and Stacy Blythe
Years: 2021-03-15 - 2021-03-21
ID: P00026964
Title: Sustained Health Home Visiting for Families with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds with low English Proficiency (LEP): determining the efficacy of program delivery using interpreters or in-language community support
  • South West Sydney Research
Western Researchers: Lynn Kemp and Cathy Kaplun
Years: 2017-07-26 - 2018-07-31
ID: P00024498
Title: Supporting the Wellbeing, Development and Healing of Children who Experience Bereavement
  • Feel the Magic
Western Researchers: Cathy Kaplun, Rebekah Grace and Gillian Murphy
Years: 2021-10-11 - 2022-07-29
ID: P00027587
Title: Our Place 'Mirrung': The Ashcroft Wellbeing Hub
  • Council of Social Service of NSW
Western Researchers: Rebekah Grace, Gabrielle Drake, Christine Woodrow, Christine Johnston, Teddy Nagaddya and Cathy Kaplun
Years: 2022-03-07 - 2022-06-30
ID: P00027871

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