Doctor Caroline Joyce

Doctor Caroline Joyce

Casual Academic - BEHV4004,
Dean's Unit, School of Psychology

Lecturer Medical Education, Foundations,
School of Medicine


Caroline Joyce is a lecturer in the Medical Education Unit.  She completed a PhD in Health Psychology at Western Sydney University, exploring the association between depression and anxiety in both the development and recovery of coronary heart disease. Caroline is a mixed-methods researcher with a keen interest in the impact that psychosocial factors have on adjusting to chronic diseases. Current responsibilities include the development and support of quality assessment tools and processes.

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  • PhD Western Sydney University

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Dean's Unit, School of Psychology
  • School of Medicine


Location: Campbelltown

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Chapters in Books

  • Graves, J., Joyce, C. and Hegazi, I. (2023), 'From empathy to compassion fatigue : a narrative review of implications in healthcare', Empathy: Advanced Research and Applications, IntechOpen 9781803566115.

Journal Articles

  • Meade, T., Joyce, C., Perich, T., Manolios, N., Conaghan, P. and Katz, P. (2024), 'Prevalence, severity and measures of anxiety in rheumatoid arthritis : a systematic review', Arthritis Care and Research, vol 76, no 2 , pp 171 - 180.
  • Edmiston, N., Hu, W., Tobin, S., Bailey, J., Joyce, C., Cockrell Reed, K. and Mogensen, L. (2023), '"You're actually part of the team" : a qualitative study of a novel transitional role from medical student to doctor', BMC Medical Education, vol 23 .
  • Marjadi, B., Chiavaroli, N., Sorinola, O., Milos Nymberg, V., Joyce, C., Parsons, C. and Ryan, A. (2023), '[In Press] Diversity audit of medical school examination questions', Teaching and Learning in Medicine, .
  • Conti, J., Joyce, C., Natoli, S., Skeoch, K. and Hay, P. (2021), '"I'm still here, but no one hears you" : a qualitative study of young women's experiences of persistent distress post family-based treatment for adolescent anorexia nervosa', Journal of Eating Disorders, vol 9, no 1 .
  • Conti, J., Joyce, C., Hay, P. and Meade, T. (2020), '"Finding my own identity" : a qualitative metasynthesis of adult anorexia nervosa treatment experiences', BMC Psychology, vol 8, no 1 .
  • Deane, F., Gonsalvez, C., Joyce, C. and Britt, E. (2018), 'Developmental trajectories of competency attainment amongst clinical psychology trainees across field placements', Journal of Clinical Psychology, vol 74, no 9 , pp 1641 - 1652.

Conference Papers

  • Joyce, C., McDonald, J., Parsons, C. and Tobin, S. (2021), 'Time to trust entrustable professional activities : findings from the WSU School of Medicine', Australian and New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators. Conference, Online.

Other Publications

  • 2008, 'Pink Link: Evaluating the Efficacy of Access to Allied Psychological Services for Antenatal Patients Through General Practice', Report

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