Doctor Bruna Batista

Doctor Bruna Batista

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Microbiomes of Plant Pathology,
Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment


Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment


Phone: (02) 4570 1803
Location: R2.1.17

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Chapters in Books

  • Batista, B., Bonatelli, M. and Quecine, M. (2021), 'Fast screening of bacteria for plant growth promoting traits', The Plant Microbiome: Methods and Protocols, Humana Press 9781071610398.
  • Batista, B., Almeida, J., Bezerra, T., Azevedo, J. and Quecine, M. (2017), 'Describing the unexplored microorganisms associated with guarana : a typical tropical plant', Diversity and Benefits of Microorganisms from the Topics, Springer 9783319558035.
  • Romao-Dumaresq, A., Junqueira Franco, H., Montes Nogueira Borges, B., Batista, B. and Quecine, M. (2017), 'Beneficial microorganisms associated with sugarcane crops : the green gold for clean energy', Diversity and Benefits of Microorganisms from the Tropics, Springer 9783319558035.
  • Quecine, M., Batista, B. and Lacava, P. (2014), 'Diversity and biotechnological potential of plant-associated endophytic bacteria', Biotechnology. Volume 2, Plant Biotechnology, Studium Press 9781626990173.

Journal Articles

  • Batista, B. and Singh, B. (2021), 'Realities and hopes in the application of microbial tools in agriculture', Microbial Biotechnology, vol 14, no 4 , pp 1258 - 1268.
  • May, A., Coelho, L., Pedrinho, A., Batista, B., Mendes, L., Mendes, R., Morandi, M., Barth, G., Viana, R. and Vilela, E. (2021), '[In Press] The use of indigenous bacterial community as inoculant for plant growth promotion in soybean cultivation', Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science, .
  • Batista, B., Dourado, M., Figueredo, E., Hortencio, R., Marques, J., Piotto, F., Bonatelli, M., Settles, M., Azevedo, J. and Quecine, M. (2021), 'The auxin-producing Bacillus thuringiensis RZ2MS9 promotes the growth and modifies the root architecture of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum cv. Micro-Tom)', Archives of Microbiology, vol 203, no 7 , pp 3869 - 3882.
  • Bonatelli, M., Tsui, S., Batista, B., Dourado, M., Kitajima, E., Andreote, F., Pylro, V., Pereira, J., Azevedo, J. and Quecine, M. (2019), 'Bacterial communities associated with anthracnose symptomatic and asymptomatic leaves of guarana, an endogenous tropical crop, and their pathogen antagonistic efects', Archives of Microbiology, vol 201, no 8 , pp 1061 - 1073.
  • Batista, B., Lacava, P., Ferrari, A., Teixeira-Silva, N., Bonatelli, M., Tsui, S., Mondin, M., Kitajima, E., Pereira, J., Azevedo, J. and Quecine, M. (2018), 'Screening of tropically derived, multi-trait plant growth- promoting rhizobacteria and evaluation of corn and soybean colonization ability', Microbiological Research, vol 206 , pp 33 - 42.
  • Batista, B., Taniguti, L., Almeida, J., Azevedo, J. and Quecine, M. (2016), 'Draft genome sequence of multitrait plant growth-promoting Bacillus sp. strain RZ2MS9', Genome Announcements, vol 4, no 6 .
  • Bonatelli, M., Tsui, S., Marcon, J., Batista, B., Kitajima, E., Pereira, J., Azevedo, J. and Quecine, M. (2016), 'Antagonistic activity of fungi from anthracnose lesions on Paullinia cupana against Colletotrichum sp.', Journal of Plant Pathology, vol 98, no 2 , pp 197 - 205.
  • Batista, B., Taniguti, L., Monteiro-Vitorello, C., Azevedo, J. and Quecine, M. (2016), 'Draft genome sequence of Burkholderia ambifaria RZ2MS16, a plant growth-promoting rhizobacterium isolated from guarana, a tropical plant', Genome Announcements, vol 4, no 2 .
  • Castro, R., Quecine, M., Lacava, P., Batista, B., Luvizotto, D., Marcon, J., Ferreira, A., Melo, I. and Azevedo, J. (2014), 'Isolation and enzyme bioprospection of endopytic bacteria associated with plants of Brazilian mangrove ecosystem', SpringerPlus, vol 3 .

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