Doctor Abubakar Bello

Doctor Abubakar Bello

Academic Course Advisor, Bachelor Of Cyber Security And Behaviour,
Criminology (Policing And Criminal Justice)

Lecturer In Cyber Security And Behaviour,
Criminology (Policing And Criminal Justice)


Dr Abubakar Bello is currently an ACA and Lecturer in Cyber Security and Behaviour at the School of Social Sciences: Criminology and Policing discipline, at Western Sydney University. He received his doctorate degree in IT with a technical, business and social focus on Information Security and Privacy from Murdoch University, MBA from Western Sydney University, and MSc and Bsc in Computer Science from the University of Wolverhampton UK.  He has extensive teaching experience ranging across various information systems security and risk management courses, and also worked across several corporations, privately held entities and government organisations in Australia where he provided technology audit and security risk management services.  He is currently researching on Active Cyber Defence Security Strategies (ACDS) for fighting cyber crime; and the role of cyber security controls on people performance and satisfaction. He also has a strong interest in conducting research in areas such as security in social networks, security predictive analytics, cyber physical systems, security and dependability, business applications, trust, privacy, cyber forensics, cyber security risks and decision making, and the psychology of security compliance in the cyber space.

Abubakar is also a member of professional and academic computing society bodies, and has been an ad hoc reviewer of academic journals. 

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  • MBA Western Sydney University
  • DIT Murdoch University
  • MSc Comp.Sci University of Wolverhampton
  • BSc(Hons) Comp.Sci University of Wolverhampton
  • DFP Global International College

Professional Memberships

  • Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) (2016)
  • British Computer Society (MBCS) (2015)

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Criminology (Policing And Criminal Justice)
  • Criminology (Policing And Criminal Justice)


Phone: (02) 9685 9899
Location: EH.G.14

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Previous Teaching Areas

  • 102503 Cyber Crime and Cyber Safety, 2018
  • 102700 Cyber Crime and Social Engineering, 2019
  • 102701 Digital Investigations and Forensics, 2019


Journal Articles

  • Bello, A. and Mahadevan, V. (2019), 'A cloud based conceptual identity management model for secured Internet of Things operation', Journal of Cyber Security and Mobility, vol 8, no 1 , pp 53 - 74.
  • Bello, A., Murray, D. and Armarego, J. (2017), 'A systematic approach to investigating how information security and privacy can be achieved in BYOD environments', Information and Computer Security, vol 25, no 4 , pp 475 - 492.
  • Bello, A., Armarego, J., Murray, D. and Kenworthy, W. (2015), 'Review of the information security and privacy challenges in bring your own device (BYOD) environments', Journal of Information Privacy and Security, vol 11, no 1 , pp 38 - 54.
  • Bello, A., Armarego, J. and Murray, D. (2015), 'A policy-based framework for managing information security and privacy risks in BYOD environments', International Journal of Emerging Trends & Technology in Computer Science, vol 4, no 2 , pp 189 - 198.
  • Bello, A., Armarego, J. and Murray, D. (2015), 'Bring your own device organisational information security and privacy', Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (Islamabad), vol 10, no 3 , pp 1279 - 1287.

I am a cyber security and privacy researcher with focus on humans, computers, and networks. My approach is usually applied and experimental supported by theory-laden concepts.

My current research interests lie in:

  • Cyber Crime 
  • Cyber Security
  • Digital Forensics
  • Internet of Things
  • Cloud Computing Security
  • Humans and Security

Current research efforts include:

  • Socially Engineered Ransomware
  • Payment Diversion Fraud
  • Machine Learning and Anomaly Based Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Active Cyber Defence Security strategies - Formulation of an active cyber defence framework through investigating and understanding contemporary attack types and pattern/behaviour of attackers in the cyber space to develop ethical retaliation approaches.
  • Human-centric cyber security approaches - Development of a user-controlled security enforcement model for tracking/tracing user data behaviour in the cyber space.
  • Security protocols for Internet of Things - Developing an identity management model for heterogenous objects to facilitate more trust and governance for objects in IoT environments

This information has been contributed by Doctor Bello.


Current Supervision

Thesis Title: MRES International coursework
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Investigating the Cybercrime Threat Behaviour of Outsourced Employee
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: MRES International coursework
Field of Research:

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