Associate Professor Mustapha Taibi

Associate Professor Mustapha Taibi

Associate Professor,
Languages, Linguistics, I&T, TESOL


Associate Professor Mustapha Taibi is the leader of the International Community Translation Research Group and Editor of Translation & Interpreting.  He has been teaching translation, interpreting, semantics, pragmatics and intercultural communication. From 2011 to 2015 he was Director of Academic Program, Languages, TESOL, Interpreting and Translation. In this role, he developed a number of courses and provided educational leadership locally and internationally. In 2014 this was recognised with a Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning.  His main research interests are community interpreting and community translation. In 2011 he published Tarjamat al-khadamat al-'aammah, the first book in Arabic about community translation and interpreting. He has also published a number of book chapters and journal papers in high quality publications such as Interpreting (John Benjamins), Babel (John Benjamins) and The Oxford Handbook of Translation Studies. His most recent publications are Community Translationco-authored with Uldis Ozolins (2016, Bloomsbury) and New Insights into Arabic Translation and Interpreting (2016, Multilingual Matters). He also served on the NSW Regional Advisory Committee of the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) from 2008 to 2015. A/Prof. Taibi is currently supervising a number of PhD candidates whose research projects fall under community interpreting, translation or sociolinguistics. 

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  • PHD Universidad de Alcala' de Henares

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Languages, Linguistics, I&T, TESOL


Phone: (02) 9685 4708
Location: ED.G.99

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Previous Teaching Areas

  • 100193 Interpreting Skills, 2010
  • 100924 Community Translation (PG), 2013
  • 101454 Intercultural Pragmatics, 2010
  • A3038 English Semantics and Pragmatics, 2009



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Chapters in Books

  • Taibi, M., Liamputtong, P. and Polonsky, M. (2019), 'Impact of translated health information on CALD older people's health literacy : a pilot study', Multicultural Health Translation, Interpreting and Communication, Routledge 9781138543089.
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Journal Articles

  • Hale, S., Martschuk, N., Goodman-Delahunty, J., Taibi, M. and Xu, H. (2020), 'Interpreting profanity in police interviews', Multilingua, vol 39, no 4 , pp 369 - 393.
  • Taibi, M. (2015), 'El interprete en los servicios publicos entre la primera y la tercera persona', Tonos Digital, vol 28 , pp 237 - 261.
  • Taibi, M. (2014), 'At-Tibyan fi al-Farqi bayna al-Wasiti a-Thaqafi wa at-Turjuman', Turjuman (Journal of Translation Studies), vol 23, no 1 , pp 11 - 38.
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  • Taibi, M. and Martin, A. (2012), 'Court translation and interpreting in times of the 'War on Terror' : the case of Taysir Alony', Translation & Interpreting, vol 4, no 1 , pp 77 - 98.
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  • Valero, C. and Taibi, M. (2004), 'Analisis de la interaccion comunicativa en contextos institucionales entre proveedores de servicios, usuarios e intermediarios linguisticos', Oralia, .

Current Projects

Title: Translated healthcare information- Impact of language variety and dissemination medium
  • Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators
Western Researchers: Mustapha Taibi
Years: 2020-07-15 - 2021-06-30
ID: P00026601
Title: Translation of official documents: ensuring quality and enhancing security
  • National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters Ltd
  • Multicultural NSW
Western Researchers: Mustapha Taibi and Uldis Ozolins
Years: 2019-07-01 - 2021-06-30
ID: P00025824


Associate Professor Taibi is available to be a principal supervisor for doctoral projects

Current Supervision

Thesis Title: Teaching and Learning Interpreting Skills.
Field of Research:

Previous Supervision

Thesis Title: Language Services for Pilgrims to the Holy City of Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Field of Research: Translating And Interpreting
Thesis Title: Psycholinguistic Dimensions of Translation Competence into English as a Second Language: Developing a Diagnostic Tool
Field of Research: Language And Literature Not Elsewhere Classified
Thesis Title: Accuracy of Court Interpreting: A Study of the Interpretation of English Questions into Arabic
Field of Research: Other Creative Arts
Thesis Title: Teaching and Learning Community Interpreting
Field of Research: Other Creative Arts
Thesis Title: The Translation of Mutashaabih, Ambiguous and Muhkam Quranic Verses: A Contrastive Study
Field of Research: Other Society And Culture
Thesis Title: Maya Angelou's Aesthetic South in the Mirror of Poetic Translation
Field of Research: Literature; Translating And Interpreting

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