Ongoing Research Projects

School Research Projects

Reducing the social, economic and health burden associated with obesity-related chronic diseases among socio-economically disadvantaged populations

Chief investigator: Professor Andre Renzaho

Protecting the nest egg

hands holding money

This research assesses the extent to which young and older adults make emotional versus rational decisions during financial negotiations. The primary aim is to help older adults to protect their nest eggs from unscrupulous characters. We also expect that the older adults will offer up novel ways for young Australians to improve their financial security.

This project is funded by the Australian Research Council

Understanding our automatic reactions

Have you ever had a negative feeling about somebody, but not known why? Our automatic emotional responses often drive how we behave, but we know little about how they are formed. Dr. Gabrielle Weidemann examines the role of conditioning and cognition in the formation and expression of automatic emotional responses.

Andromaque (Anthropology of law in the African and Asian Muslim Worlds)

Andromaque is a 3-year collaborative research project involving 12 researchers from around the world. The project examines, from an anthropological perspective, the property rights of women in Muslim communities in four countries: Morocco, Sudan, India and Indonesia. Dr Arskal Salim and an American colleague are conducting the fieldwork in Indonesia.

This project is funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) / French National Research Agency.

Growing Up Queer: Issues facing young Australians who are gender variant and sexuality diverse

Associate Professor Kerry Robinson, Drs Peter Bansel and Nida Denson in partnerships with Twenty10 are investigating the issues impacting on the health and wellbeing of young Australians who are gender variant and sexuality diverse. It aims to develop innovative ways through technology to address these issues.

The project is funded by the Young and Well Collaborative Research Centre.

The problem of funding infrastructure

Professor Phillip O'Neill is leading a team of international researchers in the investigation of the impacts of private finance on urban infrastructure projects. The study involves case studies of recent large Brownfield privatisations and new-build projects in Europe, North America and Australia. Of major interest is the compatibility of infrastructure as an investment product capable of yielding competitive returns with infrastructure's role in underpinning efficient, sustainable and just cities.

The project is funded by the Australian Research Council

Into the community: Leaving a licensed boarding house

Dr Gabrielle Drake, in partnership with UnitingCare and People with Disability Australia, conducted a research project with 20 people with disability who had moved out of a boarding house and into independent living. The project explored how people were supported to move into their own place and how their quality of life had changed. The study used an innovative approach where former boarding house residents worked as co-researchers in the design, data collection and analysis of the research findings.