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Tourism is the study of travel as an industry. This includes the production and consumption of attractions and experiences, as well as understanding visitor expectations and behaviors. Specialising in tourism at Western Sydney University provides students with knowledge about different sectors, issues and policy debates. It also challenges them to think critically about tourism as a cultural practice and social responsibility. Offering a mix of theoretical engagements, explorations of both national and international case studies and close inspection of a set of core managerial concerns, the course affords students with a strong knowledge base that is both professionally and academically relevant.

Tourism Courses

Course NameLocationDurationATAR
Bachelor of Tourism Management Parramatta 3F / 6P 72.40
Bachelor of Social Science (Heritage and Tourism) Penrith; Parramatta 3F / 6P 68.25; 71.85
Bachelor of Social Science (Geography and Urban Studies) Penrith; Parramatta 3F / 6P 68.25; 71.85

Career opportunities for Tourism graduates

Tourism is a vast field with endless possibilities for career paths. Following are a few examples:

Product Development Manager

Often collaborating with tourism businesses and providers, product development managers working in the tourism industry work to create financially viable and long-term sustainable portfolios of products, attractions and opportunities. Their duties will also include product marketing and the development of a clear understanding of the customer base.

Policy Development Officer

Working in policy development will involve the development of various frameworks that guide decision-making, investments, regulations and planning issues in the development of tourism within a region. Their work will demand that they remain knowledgeable about current tourism policy developments and trends.

Tourism Market Research

Researchers pursing an interest in tourism marketing will work for a variety of public or private organisations in different sectors of the tourism industry, such as attractions and museums. Their research will revolve primarily around tracking trends in visitor preferences and experiences.

Tour Operator

A travel consultant will usually work within a tourism company to provide consumer advice on destinations, packages, pricing and ticketing, as well as acting as a point of contact for general travel-related queries.

Visitor Services

Visitor Services employment often involves working within local government or local businesses with a focus on tourism marketing and planning, as well as the development and provision of visitor information.

Travel Consultant

Working within a tourism company providing consumer advice on destinations, packages, pricing, ticketing and general travel advice.

Academic Profile

Associate Professor Robyn Bushell

Dr Bushell teaches, researches and supervises PhD students in tourism planning, community development, quality of life and the conservation of cultural and natural heritage. Her work focuses on the values underpinning quality of life, wellness and sustainable development. She works closely with a range of national and international bodies related to heritage conservation including UNESCO World Heritage Centre, IUCN, UN-World Tourism …

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why study tourism at the Western Sydney University?

Tourism at Western Sydney University offers a unique combination of social sciences and business studies. Bringing together the management of the business domain and the socio-cultural components of tourism and recreation, we offer students a degree program that reflects 'real world' trends within both national and international tourism systems. A key selling point is our Sydney location, which is the tourism gateway to Australia, providing an enormous pool of resources for fieldwork, guest lectures, industry placements and employment.

Our strength is the academic staff, whose expertise enable us to combine tourism with a number of specialisations, including Indigenous culture, heritage, the sustainability of the natural environment, community development, destination and events management, rural tourism and urban recreation. The course is delivered through in a variety of modes, including face-to-face lectures and tutorials, online discussions, fieldwork trips and work placement opportunities. Units are available on multiple campuses.

What will I learn?

Tourism courses at Western Sydney University are shaped around 16 compulsory units and eight electives, with the latter designed around individual interests and long-term career aspirations. The units focus on the principles and practices of tourism management, as well as providing a solid grounding in key theoretical areas. Such units will cover:

  • Marketing principles
  • Trends in global tourism
  • Tourism as a cultural practice
  • Issues in contemporary heritage
  • Managerial skills and perspectives
  • Tourism policy and planning
  • Heritage interpretation
  • Principles of economics
  • Outdoor recreation and leisure
  • Indigenous cultures

Is there a work placement component to the course?

Western Sydney University tourism courses recognise that work experience is vital in the current job market. As such, students will develop their understanding of both the strategic and cultural aspects of tourism management by putting into practice skills learnt through practical experience. This work placement component adds significantly to the marketability of Western Sydney University tourism graduates.