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Sociology is the study of society and culture, and of the ways in which societies and cultures change. Using diverse methods, practices and theories, it helps us to understand social life, as experienced in everyday locales as well as within a rapidly changing global world. Given that all human beings belong to a society, sociology is fundamental to the social sciences.

The specialisation in sociology provides you with a thorough training in the methods, theories and selected leading areas of contemporary sociology. You will have the opportunity to study a number of themes from a sociological perspective, including inequalities, deviance, race and ethnicity, social change, gender, religion, health, migration and the family. You will also have the opportunity to develop your skills in writing and text/electronic media analysis, and to familiarise yourself with data collection methods and analyses.

Sociology Courses

Course NameLocationDurationATAR
Graduate Certificate in Humanitarian and Development Studies Parramatta City 0.5F / 1P
Master of Humanitarian and Development Studies Parramatta City 1.5 F / 3P
Master of International Criminology Parramatta 1.5 F / 3P
Graduate Certificate in International Criminology Parramatta 0.5F / 1P
Graduate Diploma in Humanitarian and Development Studies Parramatta City 1F / 2P
Graduate Diploma in International Criminology Parramatta 1F / 2P
Bachelor of Social Science (Sociology) Penrith; Bankstown 3F / 6P 73.30; 71.85
Master of Education (STEM) Online 1-1.5 F / 2-3P
Master of Social Science (Digital Research and Social Data Analytics) Parramatta City 2F / 4P Not applicable
Master of Social Science (Religion and Society) Parramatta City 2F / 4P Not applicable
Master of Social Science Parramatta CBD 2F / 4P Not applicable
Master of Social Science (Development, Security and Sustainability) Parramatta City 2F / 4P Not applicable
Master of Social Science (Difference and Diversity) Parramatta City 2F / 4P Not applicable
Master of Social Science (International Criminology) Parramatta City 2F / 4P Not applicable
Graduate Diploma in Social Science Parramatta 1F / 2P Not applicable
Graduate Certificate in Social Science Parramatta CBD 0.5F / 1P Not applicable
Master of Social Work (Qualifying) Parramatta City 2F / 4P
Bachelor of Social Science (Anthropology) Penrith; Bankstown 3F / 6P 73.30; 71.85
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Career opportunities for Sociology graduates

Career Opportunities

After graduating from the Sociology program, you will be qualified for a variety of careers in business, government, policy development and administration, teaching and research, including areas such as administration, business development, policy development, public service, human resources, sales and marketing, social research and marketing.

Federal, State and Local governments

Generalist graduate entry programs, industrial relations, criminal justice work, policy development and implementation, case management, group work with youth or the elderly, urban planning, administration, migrant and multicultural affairs.

Further study and academic work

Higher degree, including PhD study, university and TAFE teaching, research assistant work.

Sociology graduates can also do career-specific postgraduate studies such as teaching, social work, health sciences or law.

Community and non-profit organisations

Administration, overseas aid and development agencies, social research, policy development, lobbying, environment campaigns.


Consumer/social research, public relations, publishing, journalism, personnel work, training.


Academic Profile

Professor Rob Stones

Before coming to Western Sydney in January 2013, Rob Stones was Professor of Sociology at the University of Essex in the UK. During his time at Essex he held positions as Head of the Department of Sociology and Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences. He has published extensively in the areas of social and sociological theory and on their use in empirical case study research. He is well known for developing the approach of Strong Stru…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why study sociology at Western Sydney University?

  • Staff with national and international expertise
  • An up to date and engaging curriculum
  • Both face to face and online learning opportunities
  • Guidance and mentorship
  • A range of social science units complementary to the sociology specialisation

What will I learn?

You will be guided in the development of a sociological imagination. From this perspective, you will come to understand human beings as not simply individuals whose life course is shaped by their own individual capacities and limitations, but as individuals and groups of individuals who experience constraints and opportunities relative to their location in society, and shaped by their relation to social institutions such as the family, the education system, and the law. You will be invited to apply your sociological imagination to topic areas including race and ethnicity, migration, health and religion.

Are there any research opportunities arising from a study of sociology?

Sociology staff have a diverse range of research interests, and all have the capacity to supervise research students. Areas in which there is a developed research focus include gender and sexuality; religion; social theory; identity, difference and diversity.