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To study psychology is to study our most powerful tool, the human mind, and to understand how we perceive and make sense of the world. Psychology helps us more accurately position the individual within the collective. It displaces assumptions, misconceptions or popular opinions and installs evidence-based knowledge. What drives us? What stifles us? Psychology aims to make sense of who we really are.

Psychology Courses

Course NameLocationDurationATAR
Bachelor of Psychology Penrith; Bankstown; Parramatta 4F / 8P 85.00; 85.00; 85.00
Bachelor of Arts (with a key program in Psychology) Penrith; Bankstown; Parramatta 3F / 6P 70.00; 72.85; 70.00
Bachelor of Arts - Psychological Studies Major Penrith; Bankstown; Parramatta 3F / 6P 70.00; 72.85; 70.00
Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) Penrith; Bankstown; Parramatta 3F / 6P 75.00; New course; 75.00;
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Psychology Bankstown 1F or EqP Not applicable
Master of Clinical Psychology Penrith; Bankstown 2F / 4P Not applicable
Graduate Diploma in Psychology Bankstown 1F / 2P Not applicable
Graduate Diploma of Psychological Studies Penrith; Bankstown 1.5F / 3P Not applicable
Bachelor of Engineering Advanced (Honours) Penrith; Parramatta 4F New course; 92.00
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Penrith; Parramatta; Sydney City 4F / 8P New course; 83.20; New course
Master of Professional Psychology Bankstown 1F / 2P
Bachelor of Industrial Design (Honours) Penrith 4F / 8P Not applicable
Doctor of Philosophy/Master of Clinical Psychology Penrith; Bankstown 4.5F / 9P
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Business Penrith; Campbelltown; Bankstown; Parramatta 5F /10P 85.00; 85.00; 85.00; 85.00

Career opportunities for Psychology graduates

Prepare for a broad range of careers

If you are fascinated by the human psyche and excited by the prospects of positively impacting human health, work, education, relationships and family life, consider UWS Psychology.

A UWS Psychology degree opens doors to numerous specialist psychology careers and various non-psychology roles, including clinical psychology, forensic psychology, policy development, human resource consultancy, vocational assessment, juvenile justice, family and community services, and youth work.

Academic Profile

Doctor Jo Milne-Home

PhD University of Alberta, Canada; MEd (Educational Psychology) U of A; BSc (Hons) UNSW. Former Chair and currently a member of the National Executive APS College of Educational and Developmental Psychology.

Jo has been a registered psychologist for more than 3 decades and an active member of professional associations. Since joining UWS she has been Acting Director of the Women's Research Centre, HOP of the Post Graduate Dip …

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