Sport Testing Facilities

Sharks testing
Sharks testing
Sharks testing

We have a number of testing facilities available that can help you assess and improve athlete or team performance.

Motion Capture Lab

MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development on the Bankstown campus of Western Sydney University houses a 12-camera motion capture system. Motion capture (MoCap) records live body actions for rendering digitally in 3D. Movement data can be processed for biomechanical analysis, 3D animation, and virtual or augmented reality.

MARCS has a Vicon system of 12 infrared cameras capable of sampling at 200 frames per second set on a 4m-high rig positioned over a 6 x 6 m performance area. The Vicon system uses passive reflective markers placed on relevant joints of the body.

The system is optimal for the capture and analysis of complex full-body movement such as kicks and ball passes in soccer, league or rugby, golf swings, tennis serves, cricket bowling, circuit training, and performances of dancers or musicians.

For example, the system has been used to record exponents of martial arts such as Tae Kwon Do, as well as dancers, actors, and musicians. The movement or gestural data can be analysed, used for training and coaching purposes, or used in digital media and live performances.

MoCap will be of interest to animators, digital media artists, athletes, sports teams, directors and actors in the creative and performing arts, animators, choreographers, dancers, martial artists, and computer scientists.

Sports Science research laboratories

We offer the following from our laboratories:

  • Wireless EMG System for monitoring neuromuscular function 
  • Muscle function testing system (KinCom and Biodex) 
  • Aerobic capacity and anaerobic power testing 
  • Ultrasound (for both muscle and vascular measurements) 
  • Vascular analysis and testing systems ≥≥Motion capture and movement analysis systems 
  • Team Polar heart rate monitoring system – caters up to 20 athletes 
  • Global positioning systems – tracks movements of up to 25 athletes 
  • Wireless electronic timing gate and jump mat systems 
  • Body composition assessments 
  • Performance (video) analysis software 

We have performance basic testing packages available, where we are able to come to you.  For more details about what testing we can offer please contact Rebecca Marshall (opens in a new window)

We offer a range of sports facilities including Tennis courts, basketball courts, netball courts, volleyball courts, sporting ovals and a swimming pool. For more information about use of and hiring these facilities, please contact