WSW Shannon Cole at MARCS MoCap lab


Western Sydney Wanderers & Western Sydney University sponsored player, Shannon Cole recently visited our motion capture lab housed at the MARCS Institute, Bankstown Campus.

Motion capture (MoCap) records live body actions for rendering digitally in 3D. Movement data can be processed for biomechanical analysis, 3D animation, and virtual or augmented reality.Shannon Cole

The Vicon system of 12 infrared cameras is capable of sampling at 200 frames per second set on a 4m-high rig positioned over a 6 x 6 m performance area. The Vicon system uses passive reflective markers placed on relevant joints of the body.

The system is optimal for the capture and analysis of complex full-body movement such as kicks and ball passes in soccer, league or rugby, golf swings, tennis serves, cricket bowling, circuit training, and performances of dancers or musicians.

Shannon commented "It was an interesting experience and something that I think most sports teams and athletes would find useful, especially whilst in rehab and reviewing their technique post injury".

For more information about the system, please visit our Sports Testing Facilities page.