Cyber Security Knowledge Guide

Knowledge Base Reference Guide

The University's IT Knowledge Base is an excellent resource for finding instructions and information about all the systems and services ITDS provides to University staff and students. However, it can be tricky to find articles on Cyber Security in the Knowledge Base; especially if you're unsure of what terms to search for.

We want to help people looking for more information about Cyber Security to protect themselves better, so we've put together a reference guide of some key articles published in the ITDS Knowledge Base to point you in the right direction. These are all publicly accessible, so if you want to pass any general advice on to friends or family, please feel free!

Student Cyber Security Guide

Article number: KB0016229


The Student Cyber guide outlines the steps we recommend for students to ensure they are keeping themselves and the University safe while studying. The Guide's main focuses are device security, password security, and spotting phishing in email and messaging.

Western Sydney University Password Management

Article number: KB0013493


Having any issues with your Western Account? Want to change the password but aren’t certain how? Need to recover your account after forgetting your password? This article is the definitive source of information for managing your Western Account.

Email Security | Don't take the bait! | Be Smart, be sceptical, be secure

Article number: KB0011503


Email remains one of the common ways cybercriminals try to scam information or money from people. Knowing how their scams work is the best way to stop them, and this article goes into detail on it. This article is valuable for cyber security as its advice is applicable everyone, not just University staff and students.

Phishing and Email Security | What to do with suspicious emails

Article number: KB0013262


This article is for use when you aren’t certain whether an email is illegitimate or merely appears suspicious. It describes what you can do to double-check suspicious emails, and how to provide suspicious email for verification to IT through the IT Service Desk.

Identity Theft | What to do if you believe your identity has been used without your permission

Article number: KB0013308


With enough of your personal information, cybercriminals can impersonate you online, for example opening bank accounts in your name to take out high-interest loans. This article outlines how you might know if your identity has been stolen and used against you, and what you should do about it.

Remote Learning - Help for Students

Article number: KB0016198


This article collects a range of resources from the IT Knowledge base that relate to supporting students who are studying remotely. The University is committed to offering a range of options for staff and students to be able to work, teach and learn remotely if we are required to do so.

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