Publications and Reports

Professor Adam Possamai


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Edited Books

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Referred Chapters

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Professor Cristina Rocha

Co-Edited Books

Rocha, C., M. Hutchinson, K. Openshaw, eds. (2020) Australian Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements: Arguments from the Margins. Leiden: Brill.

Journal Articles

Rocha, C. (2020) Materiality and Global Spiritual Networks: Old and New Sacred Places and Objects. TAJA (The Australian Journal of Anthropology) 31 (2).

Rocha, C. (2019) “God is in Control:” Middle-Class Pentecostalism and International Student Migration. Journal of Contemporary Religion 34 (1): 21-37.

Chapters in edited books

Hutchinson, M. and C. Rocha (forthcoming) Problematics in the Study of Antipodean Pentecostalism. In C. Cusack and C. Hartney (eds). Antipodes of the Soul: Religion and The Study of Religion in Australia and New Zealand. Springer.

Rocha, C. (2020) “Living the Dream:” Post-Millennial Brazilians at Hillsong College. In C. Rocha, M Hutchinson, and K. Openshaw (eds). Australian Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements: Arguments from the Margins. Leiden: Brill.

Hutchinson, M, C. Rocha, K. Openshaw (2020) Introduction: Australian Charismatic Movements as a Space of Flows. In C. Rocha, M Hutchinson, and K. Openshaw (eds), Australian Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements: Arguments from the Margins. Leiden: Brill.

Rocha, C. (2020) How Religions Travel: Comparing the John of God Movement and a Brazilian Migrant Church. In L. van de Kamp, M. Oosterbaan and J. Bahia (eds) Global Trajectories of Brazilian Religions: Lusospheres. Bloomsbury.

Other Publications, Opinion Pieces (not peer reviewed)

Halafoff, A. Weng, E., Rocha, C., et al (2020) ‘The pandemic has provided fertile conditions for conspiracy theories and “conspirituality” in Australia,’ 13 Oct. ABC Religion and Ethics.

Rocha, C. (2020)‘Fashion and Christianity: Kanye West, Hillsong and Jesus Shoes’, Religious Matters (Utrecht University), 12 January.

Rocha, C and K. McPhillips (2019) ‘#MeToo catches up with spiritual healers: the case of Brazil's John of God’, The Conversation, February 22.