In the Media

Geir Henning Presterudstuen

Geir has been on ABC radio twice this year and three times in the aftermath of the Conversation article below last year):

Cyclones, screens, lost souls: how the ghosts we believe in reflect our changing fears

Cristina Rocha

Podcast Interviews

2020 Sydney Morning Herald, ‘Good Weekend Talks’: “Inside Scott Morrison’s Pentecostal Church’ (11/04)
2020 The Religious Studies Project:  17/11)

Media Attention

2020 ABC News Interview on Hillsong and C3 expansion in Brazil (25/10)
2020 God Forbid’ ABC Radio National: interview on religion in Brazil (18/10)
2020 SBS Portuguese Radio, interview on Brazilian students at Hillsong (03/03)
2019 Sydney Morning Herald, interview on John of God (21/12), pp. 32-33.
2019 The Monthly Magazine, interview on the Israel Folau case (August)
2019 Sydney Morning Herald, The Good Weekend, interview on Pentecostalism in Australia (20/04)
2019 Bay FM Community Radio, interview on John of God (13/03)
2019 The Wire 4EB Radio, interview on John of God (15/02)
2019 SBS Portuguese Radio, interview on John of God (16/01)
2019 Radio France Internationale,interview on John of God
2019 Religious News,interview on John of God (30/01)