Diversity and Human Rights Research Centre

In Womens Hands Image

"In Women's Hands", an artwork by Italian artist Clara Garesio, created specifically for the High Level panel “The Power of Empowered Women” was donated by the delegation of the European Union to the United Nations Office at Geneva where it will remains part of their permanent collection. View Clara's website by clicking on name above or go to her Facebook page.

The Diversity and Human Rights Research Centre (DHRRC) is an initiative stemming from the Humanities and Social Sciences at Western Sydney University. Its membership is open to all Western Sydney University colleagues and HDR students interested and researching in areas relevant to Diversity and Human Rights.

DHRRC brings together interdisciplinary scholars, within theoretical and practical frameworks, which place diversity, its contemporary challenges, tensions, benefits, and lived experiences, at the core of human rights discourse and research.

DHRRC aims to promote equality, contribute to public discourse, influence policy and decision-making, educate communities in innovative ways, and positively impact the international, national and local contexts of the lives and health and wellbeing of members of diverse communities.

Core to the Centre’s interdisciplinary research agenda is to examine the discourse and practice of human rights itself; investigating its perceived relevance and applicability across diverse communities in contemporary times, particularly addressing issues at the local level of everyday lived experiences; exploring how the framework of diversity (and difference) impacts understandings of human rights discourse and its usefulness in addressing multiple inequities; and critically reviewing its role in constituting the citizen subject.