Dr Peter Bansel

Peter Bansel was awarded his PhD (Education) at the University of Western Sydney in 2009. He has worked as a qualitative researcher at UWS since 2002 in the Schools of Psychology and Education. He has conducted research in the related areas of: globalisation and government; labour markets, work and worker identities; and universities, academic work and academic identities. In his thesis, Subjectivity at work, he pursued his interest in experience, narrative and the practice of giving a biographical account of oneself. In developing this interest in experience and biography, Peter has taken a multi-disciplinary approach to rethink narrative methodologies and analyses of narrative interviews. Combining Governmentality Theory and Actor Network Theory he has worked with empirical data collected in narrative life-history interviews to develop a relational account of experience and the human subject. This account articulated a human subject who is more than human and more than singular; a subject who emerges from relationships among human and non-human agents. He is a regular reviewer for Qualitative Studies in Education and Subjectivity.

Areas of Research/Teaching Expertise

Examining the impacts of neoliberalism on labour markets and worker identities, including academic labour and academic workers; the relationship between knowledge and economics in a global knowledge economy; life-history/biographical narrative interviews; narrative policy analysis; and low SES  students, diversity and equity.


PhD (UWS), MEd (UTAS), BEd (Early Childhood Education) (TCAE). 

Grants and Current Projects 

UWS internal grant (2010-2011) Examining the psychometric properties of socioeconomic status indicators for higher education. Denson, Bansel


Book Chapters

Bansel, P. (in press, 2011) Animated Becoming. In K.H. Robinson & C. Davies (Eds.) Queer and subjugated knowledges: Generating subversive imaginaries. Bentham Publishers.

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Journal Articles

Bansel, P. (in press, accepted 17 September, 2010). Becoming academic: A reflection on doctoral candidacy. Thematic Special Issue: Re-theorising the value and impact of the doctorate. Studies in Higher Education.

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