Dr Karen Mattock



Lecturer in Lifespan Development, School of Social Sciences & Psychology, University of Western Sydney

Education and Past Positions:
Bachelor of Psychology (hons, Class I), University of Wollongong, Australia (2000)
PhD (Psychology), University of Western Sydney, Australia (2005). Supervised by Prof Denis Burnham Postdoctoral Fellow in Centre for Research in Language, Mind, and Brain, & School of Communication Sciences & Disorders, McGill University, Canada (2004-2007). Supervised by Associate Prof Linda Polka and Associate Prof Susan Rvachew Research Council U.K Fellow (2007-2012) & Academic Fellow (2012), Lancaster University U.K

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Areas of Research / Teaching Expertise

I investigate language development with particular focus on speech perception and babbling in infancy and and word learning in infants, children and adults using phonetic, constraints, socio-pragmatic, cross-situational, and sound-symbolic approaches. I am  interested in the factors that influence language development such as exposure and experience with language, cross-linguistic influences, learning one vs two languages (bilingualism), hearing impairment, and infant-directed speech. My most significant contribution is in the area of infants' perception of lexical tone, a feature of tone languages such as Mandarin and Thai.

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Awards and Recognition

SciTech Vision Prize for Excellence in Teaching, awarded by the Faculty of Science and Technology, Lancaster University

Travel Award, British Academy (2008 & 2011)

International Research Initiative Scheme (2009), University of Western Sydney (with Prof. Denis Burnham)

Student Paper Award, Canadian Language and Literacy Network Conference (2005)

Postdoctoral Supplement Centre for Research in Language, Mind and Brain, McGill University (2005)

Postdoctoral Fellowship, Centre for Research in Language, Mind and Brain, McGill University (2004)

Language Acquisition Research Scholarship (ARC and University of Western Sydney, 2001-2004)

Dean's Honours List, Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences, University of Wollongong (2000)

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Allen, M.L., Mattock, K., & Silva, M. (in press, to appear 2013). Symbolic understanding of pictures and words share a common source. Journal of Cognition and Culture

Kalashnikova, M., & Mattock, K. (2012). Cognitive correlates of early sequential bilingualism. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism.

Monaghan, P., Mattock, K., & Walker, P. (2012). The role of sound symbolism in language learning, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition, 38(5), 1152-1164

Monaghan, P., & Mattock, K. (2012). Integrating constraints for learning word-referent mappings. Cognition, 123(1), 133-143.

Mattock, K., Polka, L., Rvachew, S., & Krehm, M. (2010). The first steps in word learning are easier when the shoes fit: Comparing monolingual and bilingual infants. Developmental Science, 13(1), 229-243.

Walker, P. Bremner, J. G, Mason, U., Spring, J., Mattock, K., Slater, A. & Johnson, S. (2010). Preverbal infants' sensitivity to synaesthetic cross-modality correspondences, Psychological Science, 21(1), 21-25.

Rvachew, S., Alhaidary, A., Mattock, K., & Polka, L. (2008). Emergence of the corner vowels in the babble produced by infants exposed to Canadian English or Canadian French. Journal of Phonetics, 36(4), 564-577.

Mattock, K., Molnar, M., Polka, L., & Burnham, D. (2008). The developmental course of lexical tone perception during the first year of life, Cognition, 106, 1367-1381.

Mattock, K., & Burnham, D. (2006). Chinese and English infants' tone perception: Evidence for perceptual reorganization. Infancy, 10, 3, 241-265.

Rvachew, S., Mattock, K., Polka, & Ménard, L. (2006). Developmental and cross-linguistic variation in the infant vowel space. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 120 4, 2250-2259.

Panneton, R., Kitamura, C., Mattock, K. & Burnham, D. (2006). Slow speech enhances younger, but not older infants' perception of vocal emotion. Human Development, 3, 7-19.

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Professional Activities

I am on the Infancy journal Editorial Board. I have reviewed manuscripts for Infancy, Developmental Science, Infant and Child Development, Applied Psycholinguistics, Journal of Phonetics, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, International Journal of Child Development, International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders, Journal of Language & Cognitive Processes.

I review grant proposals for the National Institute of Health, USA; Deafness Research UK; European Research Council

Conference organiser and Chair of Psycholinguistic Representation of Tone Conference, Hong Kong, a satellite conference to ICPhS 2011

Workshop Convenor of Bilingualism: Challenges and benefits to classroom performance, Lancaster University (British Psychological Society accredited, CPD accredited)

Co-organiser of Northern Developmental Psychology Consortium Meeting, Lancaster University

Information Officer, British Psychological Society Developmental Psychology Section (2009-2011)

British Association of Science, Cumbria Branch Committee Member (2009)

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