CaHPRI Members

Professor Craig Gonsalvez Director of CaHPRI
Clinical supervision; assessment of practitioner competence; Psychophysiological correlates in psychological disorders; Information processing in anxiety disorders.

Professor Bill Brakoulias
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety Disorders. (School of Medicine)

Professor Phillipa Hay 
Eating Disorders, mental health. (School of Medicine)

Professor Tanya Meade
Complex comorbid presentations (physical and psychological); pain, depression and cognitive function in vulnerable populations; self-harm; patient-engaged-decision making and interventions.

Associate Professor Nicole Asquith
The policing of vulnerability and diversity, motivated hate crime, intrafamilial hate crime, individual and social costs of fear of prejudice, small town policing, the criminal careers of sexuality and gender diverse offenders

Associate Professor Ahmed Moustafa
Cognitive neuroscience, computational modeling of brain and behavioral processes, drug and alcohol behaviours.

Dr James Collison
Body dysmorphic disorder, Obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, psychological assessment.

Dr Janet Conti
Eating disorders (anorexia) qualitative, discursive approach, narrative and family based therapies.

Dr Caroline Joyce 
Depression, anxiety and illness perceptions affect a patient's recovery from heart disease. (School of Medicine)

Dr Roy Laube
Cross-cultural clinical practice; mental health literacy in Australian immigrants.

Dr Karen Mattock
Infant speech development, psychological impact (depression, anxiety) of premature birth; social support and mothers' self-efficacy and coping in caring for premature babies.

Dr Deborah Mitchison
Eating disorders, Body dysmorphic disorder, Muscle dysmorphia, Epidemiological research methods, Health services research.
Translational Health Research Institute (THRI)

Dr Natalie Morrison
Trauma and Mental Health, health Psychology, mental health and malingering, transgenerational trauma (School of Medicine)

Ms Karen Moses
The assessment and treatment of anxiety disorders, OCD and related disorders; exposure therapy; clinical supervision.

Dr Renu Narchal
Language brokering, loneliness, psychological distress, health, including sexual health and wellbeing in a new cultural context

Dr Tania Perich
Depression, bipolar disorder, menopause.

Dr Belinda Ratcliffe
Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disability, mental health in children and adolescents.

Dr Evelyn Smith
Obesity, cognitive and schema therapies.

Dr Kell Tremayne
Performance Psychologist

Dr Michele Wiese
Intellectual disability, disability services, end of life care; complex support needs.

Adjunct members:

Dr Jennifer Barton
Psychological Services, Corrective Services NSW, Department of Justice
Non-suicidal self-inquiry (NSSI) and suicidal behavious in inmates/corrective services

Jackie Burke
Trauma, sexual assault, domestic and family violence, vicarious trauma, trauma informed pedagogies.

Clodagh Ross-Hamid
Brief psychological interventions in the treatment of personality disorder.

Postgraduate Students:

Daniel Hayes
Thesis Title: Emotion Regulation, Eating Behaviours, Trauma and Obesity
Supervisors:  Evelyn Smith and Belinda Ratcliffe

Karen Moses
Thesis Title: Exposure based interventions: Optimising knowledge, skills and practice
Supervisors: Tanya Meade and Craig Gonsalvez

Mohsen Paknejad
Thesis Title: Self-Compassion Plays a Moderator Role in the Relationships Between Pain and Adjustment of Chronic Pain Amongst Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients
Supervisors: Renu Narchal and Tania Perich

Daniel Talbot
Thesis Title: Attentional Bias in Eating Disorder Subgroups and Muscle Dysmorphia: A Case for Attentional Bias Modification Therapy.
Supervisors: Evelyn Smith and John Cass

Sonja Liza te Braak
Thesis Title: The Effectiveness of a Short-term Psychosocial Therapy Intervention (PETA) for Patients with a Severe Mental Illness.
Supervisors: Tania Perich and James Collison

For more information about our research and if you are interested in joining us please contact:

Professor Craig Gonsalviz – Director, CaHPRI