Clinical and Health Psychology Research Initiative (CaHPRI)

Mission statement

The aim of CaHPRI is to further:

  1. Understanding of the interaction between psychological, social, and cultural factors in relation to mental and physical health.
  2. Evidence based psychological management of mental and physical health conditions.
  3. Develop evidence as to appropriate training and supervision for psychological practice in relation to physical and mental health conditions

Primary areas of interest within CaHPRI are broadly grouped as follows and cover the life-span - from children through to older adults:

Clinical Psychophysiology

Examining the interface between psychological disorders/states/conditions and how they are manifested via psychophysiological responses with the aim of improving assessment techniques and treatment outcomes.

Assessment and Understanding of Psychological Illness

Developing and examining clinical measurements and approaches to understanding the experience, course and recovery of psychological illness.

Effectiveness of Psychological Therapies

Researching the components of psychological interventions that result in recovery from psychological illnesses. Developing and examining individualised treatments to foster most optimal outcomes.

Practitioner Training and Supervision

Developing, assessing and evaluating competencies for interns and practising psychologists. Examining how training programs facilitate knowledge, skills, application development and reflective practice.

For more information about our research and if you are interested in joining us please contact:

Professor Craig Gonsalvez – Director, CaHPRI