Leadership of the School of Psychology

Image of Professor Tanya Meade

Professor Tanya Meade (opens in a new window),
Dean and Discipline Leader
Professor of Clinical Psychology

A clinical and health psychologist, Professor Meade's clinical and research expertise is in complex physical and mental health co-morbidities (pain and depression in chronic conditions, depression and cognitive function in older adults, women's health, bipolar and complex presentations and assessment of deliberate self-harm). Professor Meade has collaborated on competitive research grants (ARC, BeyondBlue) with industry partners and national and international collaborators.

Professor Meade has held roles including Head of Discipline, Director of CAHPRI, Director of Academic Programs, and Associate Head of School (Research) at Western. She is a Fellow of the APS College of Clinical Psychology and the APS College of Health Psychology and has longstanding engagement with Westmead Hospital including as an Honorary Professor with the Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney.

Renu Narchal

Dr Renu Narchal (opens in a new window),
Acting Deputy Dean
Associate Dean (Engagement and International)
Senior Lecturer, Psychology

Renu Narchal's current research interests and publications are in the area of health and wellbeing. As a developmental psychologist, Renu is keen on understanding the impact of life events on development, more so from the point of view of migration and settlement issues like loneliness, general ethnic
discrimination, psychological distress, help seeking, language barriers, job-seeking challenges to mention a few. Renu is one of the few researchers to apply the Attachment Framework in understanding migratory experiences.

Presently Renu is conducting research in a much neglected area in migrant settlement, the contribution of children in migrant settlement. The research revolves around adults who remember their childhood experiences of assisting their parents by interpreting and translating information as 'language brokers'.

Dr Michael Gascoigne

Dr Michael Gascoigne (opens in a new window)

Acting Associate Dean (Research)

Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology

Dr Michael Gascoigne is a Senior Lecturer, whose area of research investigates cognitive deficits in clinical populations.

Dr Travis Wearne (opens in a new window)
Acting Associate Dean (HDR)
Senior Lecturer in Clinical Neuropsychology.

Dr Travis Wearne is a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Neuropsychology, whose research investigates social cognition and emotion regulation across healthy populations and those with acquired brain conditions (e.g., traumatic brain injury).

Sandra Garrido

Dr Sandra Garrido (opens in a new window),
Acting Director of Academic Program (Years 1 to 3)
Senior Lecturer, Psychological Science

Sandra Garrido is an NHMRC-ARC Dementia Research Development Fellow at the MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour & Development at Western Sydney University. She has a background in both music and psychology. Her work focuses on translational research involving arts in health contexts, in particular with people with dementia and depression. Sandra's research interests are in dementia, depression, music perception and cognition, arts and mental health.

Sandra received the Vice-Chancellor's Award for Excellence as an Early Career Research in 2017.

Associate Professor Steve Cumming,
Acting Director of Academic Program (Honours and Postgraduate Psychology)
Steve is a committed educator with extensive interprofessional teaching and learning and governance experience. As a member of the School of Psychology's External Advisory Committee, Steve has contributed to the teaching of the University's Clinical Psychology program.

Melissa Maucort

Ms Melissa Maucort (opens in a new window),
School Manager
Melissa Maucort is the Coordinating School Manager for the School of Psychology and the School of Social Sciences.