SoNM Non-Tuition Fees

Non-Tuition Fees are the costs associated with purchasing the required equipment, uniform and/or certifications to comply with a University course or unit.

The list below are approximate costs only for the resources required for a SoNM Undergraduate student to attend clinical placement.

As at October 2018:

  • Clinical Placement Uniform:  
    • Shirt or Tunic $39.85-$54.95 Pants $30-$80
  • Clinical Placement Shoes:
    • $70-$150
  • Watch with second hand:
    • $20-$80
  • Clinical Placements Fines (non-attendance):  
    • If you do not attend clinical placement and you cannot provide an approved special consideration form $300 per week for missed placement
  • Working with Children Check: 
    • Cost varies per issuing state $10-$80
  • First Aid Certificate:  
    • Cost of courses vary per provider $80-$150
  • Immunisation costs:
    • Domestic student $100 approximately
    • International students $400.00 approximately

For detailed information on what you require prior to commencing your undergraduate program clinical placement please see