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A History of Nursing at Hawkesbury

The School of Nursing and Midwifery is pleased to offer a limited printed edition of the History of Nursing at Hawkesbury for a small donation of $15.00. All purchase funds will be donated to the School of Nursing and Midwifery Student Prize fund which supports students who demonstrate outstanding academic or clinical performance.  Orders will be processed within approximately 14 business days (subject to Australia Post) and posted to the mailing address provided.


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What we know about perineal tearing, and how to reduce it during childbirth

A common fear women have when contemplating having a baby is whether the birth will tear the tissues between the vagina and anus, also known as the perineum. How can something as big as a 3.5kg baby come out of something as small as a vagina without inflicting damage?

Nursing Students at Lithgow celebrate end of their first year

It was cause for celebration on Wednesday as Bachelor of Nursing students at Western Sydney University (Western) The College's Lithgow campus finished their first year of studying nursing. The first Bachelor course to be taught at Lithgow's campus, this group of students will now be heading to different Western campuses to complete their study from next year.

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Study finds baby bottle measurements wrong, potentially harmful

A study by Western Sydney University has found more than half of infant feeding bottles have inaccurate or missing markings, sparking calls for Australia and other countries to introduce and enforce industry standards for bottles to prevent formula fed babies from becoming ill.

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Emergency services students work together to save lives

The moment a call to triple zero is placed, the clock is ticking and it's up to the emergency services to help as best they can. From the paramedics who arrive on the scene, to the emergency physicians, surgeons and nurses that help save lives and start the recovery process, emergency health professionals are at the frontline of our health system.

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University students refine their skills at Homeless Connect

Western Sydney University students refined their clinical skills by providing free health checks at Western Sydney Homeless Connect. 11 third year students from the School of Nursing and Midwifery and School of Medicine volunteered their time offer basic health services such as blood pressure checks and blood sugar levels to the homeless.

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