Past Events


Date PresenterTopic
4 March    Professor Catherine Renshaw Resarching Myanmar's Genocide: Some Questions of Law and Methodology (research paper)
29 April Dr Patrick Foong Unproven and Unethical: The Emergence and Marketing of Autologous Somatic Cellular Treatments (research paper)
20 MayProfessor Liz Handsley Classifying Content in the 20th Century: What Needs to Change, And How? (research paper)
27 MayDr Liesel Spencer and Elen Seymour Thelma and Louise, and Colleagues: Workshop on Research Collaboration (training seminar)
17 JuneProfessor Anna Cody Reflection and How Students Learn About Their Ethical Duty to Contribute to Justice (research paper)
24 JuneSasha Petrova Writing for The Conversation  (training seminar)
1 JulyDavid Newlyn Contracts, Presumption and Intention: What is the Current Status and Relevance of Presumptions?
1 July Simon KozlinaCritical Pedagogy and Legal Education - explorations of theory and practice in Law and Public Policy
15 July Judy Foster Project Officer, Research Office of the DVC&VPResearcher Development Awards 2021 - apply for fellowships and awards
29 July Adjunct Professor Chris SidotiUN commissions of inquiry into human rights atrocities
5 August

Professor Steven Freeland

The Geopolitics of Outer Space and International Law: Square Peg in a Round Hole?

12 August

Francine Feld

Dr Lucy Robinson

Pell v The Queen [202] HCA 12 (work in progress paper)

Bail-in or “bail-up” – the quiet heist: TBTF financial institution restructuring in Australia

2 September

Grace Borsellino

Thilla Rajaretnam

Developing Trust through Corporate Purpose: Lessons from Benefit Corporations

Data Breach Notification Scheme and consumer data protection: an approach to organisational data security strategies

7 October

June Wang

Olive Otedola-Olusanya

Law in Crisis: A Critical Analysis of the Role of Law in China’s Fight against COVID-19

Research Proposal Paper: An Assessment of Legal and Societal responses to Reproductive Coercion in Australia.

4 NovemberJohn Azzi

Simon Levett
Fulfilling Australia’s international obligations under the modern domestic approach to treaty interpretation

Rethinking the Source in Journalist Source Protection in War: Towards a Framework in International Law


Date PresenterTopic
20 March Professor Michael Head The Legal Power to Launch War- Who Decides: a book launch
17 April JonathanPlett (HIE)"What an awful Idea!" Turning Criticism into Winning Grant Proposals
15 May Dr Beatriz Garcia Carbon Finance and Forest Protection on Indigenous Lands in the Amazon: an Alternative Basket of Benefits Approach
19 June Professor Felicity Gerry QC, Deakin UniversityUsing Technology to Combat Human Trafficking
14 August Dr Patrick Foong Capturing Autologous Cell Therapies in the Biologicals- Regulatory Framework in Australia
18 September Dr Elena Aydos, Senior Lecturer, Newcastle Law School, Newcastle UniversityClimate Policy Made 'Down Under": the Political Economy of a new Carbon Market in Australia
20 November  Dr Hadeel Al-Alosi 'Fantasy Crime'

2018 Seminar Schedule for School of Law

28 February 2018Dr Shantala Mohan, WSU 2018 Engagement and Impact Assessment
21 March 2018

Professor Kate Stevens (Director MARCS)

Associate Professor Nicole Asquith (Policing & Criminal Justice)

Insights from the 2017 ARC's Pilot Impact Panels, and current developments at MARCS'

Diversity and Safety on Campus at Western

18 April 2018 Professor Caroline Sith (Health and Wellbeing Theme Champion) Health and Wellbeing: WSU Rsearch Theme focus area - current developments
16 May 2018Associate Professor Juan F Salazar - Environmental Sustainability Them Champion Enironmental Sustainability: WSU Research Theme foucs area - current developments
20 June 2018Professor Donald McNeill & Professor Andrew Gorman-Murray - Urban living and Society Them Champions Urban Living and Socieity: WSU Research Theme Focus area - current developments
19 September 2018 Dr Yega Muthu Adjunct Fellow, WSU School of Law Making the sane and insane for a financial management order: NCAT's jurisdiction?
24 October 2018 Dr Lucy Robinson Bail-ins (debt and equity sequestrations - as opposed to bail-outs) under Australian Finance institutions regulation
22 August 2018Associate Professor Caroline Jones- Education and Aspirational Change Thme Champion Education and Aspirational Change: WSU Research Theme Focus area - current developments.
21 November 2018Sandy Noakes and Dr Kate Sainsbury Evaluating Innovative Pedagogy Opportunities for Research

2018 Public Seminars and Events

26 June 2018

Dr Louise Crabtree
Professor Julian Disney
Karen Walsh

Affordable Housing: Human Rights and Social Justice
31 October 2018

Dr Quang Vinh Nguyen
David aile

Human Rights, Big Data and My Health Record

2017 Seminar Schedule for School of Law

22.2.2017Steve Hannan, Executive Director, REDIResearch Performance and ERA
15.3.2017 A/Professor Alpana Roy

Practical Workshop on completing your Individual Research Plan (IRP): some tips and guidance


Nikki Lengkeek, Manager – Manager, Grants and Researcher Development, REDI (and Tim Horan and Andre Urfer)

Dr Shantala Mohan, WSU, Director, Research Strategy Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Development)

REDI Research: Partnering with Researchers

Assessment of Engagement and Impact (EI): Implications for Western Sydney University

5.4.2017Susan Robbins and Robyn Edmanson (Law LibrarianUsing Altmetric Explorer: who is noticing you?
19.4.2017Professor Carolyn Sappideen, A/Professor Amanda Third, David Tait, Professor Steven Freeland and Louise CrabtreePanel Discussion: successful research grants - what did it take?
10.5.2017Susan Robbins and Robyn Edmanson Strategic Publishing using Journal Finder: ensure your research output meets the government guidelines
17.5.2017Emma Breidahl and Gayle Hannan (Development Managers of the Office of Advancement & Alumni, WSU) How WSU's Advance and Alumni can assist researchers in the School of Law
21.6.2017Nikki Bromberger Scope of Duty Project - A work in progress
28.6.2017Hugh KearnsMaximising Research Productivity writing workshop
26.7.2917Dr Beatriz Garcia Australia's Efforts in Combatting Illegal Logging: a Comparative Analysis
23.8.2017Dr Thilla Rajaretnam

Australian's Data Security and Breach Notification Law: Is it a dream or a nightmare for corporations?

20.9.2017Dr Patrick Foong Regulating Stem Cell Research & Therapy Regulatory Challenges
01.11.2017Lynda Holden I Colonised: Colonisation of Aboriginal Peoples and the Spectrum of 'Whiteness'

Public Seminars  2017

27.10.2017Dr Cressida Limon, Dr Michael O'Connor and Dr Patrick Foong

Research Week Public Lecture - School of Law Public Lecture Series

Stem Cells and Reproductive Technologies: Challenges and Opportunities

8.11.2017Justice Michael Kirby

Public Lecture - School of Law Ambedkar Address

Law Reform, Constitutional Reform and Inspiring Example of Dr BR Ambedkar

2016 Seminar Schedule for School of Law

Who Should Have the Power to Launch War?Professor Michael Head and Mr Kristian Boehringer2.3.2016
Hot Topic: The Paris Agreement on Climate ChangeDr Laura Horn and Professor Donna Craig16.3.2016
Capitalism:  A Crime StoryProfessor Harry Glasbeek and Professor Michael Head30.3.2016
Tribunals of the People: from the Vietnam War to the Tamil genocide in Sri LankaProfessor Gill H Boehringer27.4.2016
MH17 and the International Criminal CourtAssociate Professor Sarah Williams and Simon Kozlina18.5.2016

Nightlife ethnography and alcohol-related assaults - Australian Violence then and now

Professor Stephen Tomsen27.7.2016
Using technology to motivate law students to engage with prescribed readingElen Seymour and Liesel Spencer17.08.2016
Human Rights & Human Trafficking by Sea: A Bay of Bengal PerspectiveDr Nahid Hossain & Ass/Prof Daud Hassan24.8.2016
Civil Liability and Vaccinations - A Work in ProgressNikki Bromberger & Professor Carolyn Sappideen21.9.2016
From the Health Consumer to the Health CitizenProf James Arvanitakis and Ingrid Matthews5.10.2016

Public Seminars  2016

Sport, Sexism and the LawCollector Hotel, 100 George Street, Parramatta28.4.2016
The Marriage Equality Debate: Law, Politics and ReligionCollector Hotel, 100 George Street, Parramatta26.10.2016

Public Seminars 2015 & Prior

The Architecture of Transnational Governance:
The role of non-state actors
Female Orphan School Parramatta South Campus23.10.2015
Shari'a, Culture and Legal Pluralism an International SymposiumBuilding 5, Room LG.15 Bankstown Campus14&15.09.2015
The Politics of the Death PenaltyFemale Orphan School Parramatta South Campus10.09.2015
Gender Equity and Diversity in LawEB.G.02 Parramatta South Campus20.08.2015
Role of China in International Legal Regimes: Criminals, Climate and Genetic ResourcesMoot Court, Building EO, Parramatta South Campus18.06.2015
Terrifying! Liberty, Threats and Australia's New Security LegislationThe Riverside Theatre, Parramatta4.06.2015
Law and the End of LifeConference Room 5, Building 22, Campbelltown Campus23.1.2015

Western Sydney University Open Forum: Commission of Inquiry on North Korea

Part 1 of Lecture and Part 2 of Lecture

The Hon Michael Kirby, AC CMG, Retired Justice of the High Court and Human Rights Champion

See Address online

The Honourable Murray Gleeson AC QC Address29.11.2013

See Lecture online

Public Lecture by Justice Kirby17 September 2012

2015 Seminar Schedule for School of Law

Beyond Accommodation: Recognition and Relationality with Vulnerable Parties in Family MediationAssoc Prof Susan Armstrong17.10.2015
Legal Strategies to Expand Indigenous Governance in Climate Change Adaptation: Opportunities and BarriersProfessor Donna Craig17.9.2015
Impact & Metrics - What do they mean for legal scholars?Dr Annette McLaren and Mr David Sinfield2.9.2015
Successful Research Grants: what did it take?School of Law Panel Discussion19.8.201
Diversity in the BoardProfessor Michael Adams and Grace Borsellino05.8.2015
Australian courts and the shift back to literal interpretation of domestic legislation with international content.Dr John Azzi06.5.2015
Was maternity ever certain? Freud's 'Family Romance' and the laws of parentage in surrogacy arrangementsDr Cressida Limon01.4.2015
Multinational Enterprise Structuring from a Pedagogic PerspectiveHenry Lescher Jr, Emeritus Professor, Dedman School of Law South Methodist University Dallas18.3.2015
Fitting Square Peg into a Round Hole? Constitutional Recognition of Indigenous AustraliansDr Luke BecK 4.3.2015
2014 Seminar Schedule for School of Law
TitlePresenterDateTimeVenuePresentation Material

A version to emergency: The Governance of Emergency Arrangements in the UK

Professor Clive Walkier, School of Law, University of Leeds, UK 4 Feb2pm - 3pm Moot Court  Building EO, Parramatta Campus 
The Development of the Corporations Law in China and the Provision on de facto Controller Professor ZHU Ciyun, visiting fellow from Tsinghua University in Beijing26 Feb10.30 am – 11.30am Moot Court Parramatta Campus 
2013 Seminar Schedule for School of Law
Title Presenter Date Time Venue Presentation Material

The Limits of Constitutional Justice

Dr Murray Wesson Lecturer, Western Sydney University 6 Mar 11:30 am – 12:30 noon Moot Court  Building EO, Parramatta Campus  Available (PPT, 726.5 KB)
Video recording
Reprentational Conduct and Testamentary Dr Stephen Janes, Senior Lecturer, Western Sydney University 27 Mar 11:30 am – 12:30 noon Moot Court Parramatta Campus

Available (PPTX, 87.83 KB)

Video recording

Climate Change and its Impact on Human Rights: A Study on the Displaced People in Bangladesh Abdul Awal Khan Western Sydney University PhD Student 3 Apr 11:30 am – 12:30 noon Moot Court Parramatta Campus  Available (PPTX, 790.49 KB)
Vulnerability and Resilience: The State, the Subject and the Law in a climate change world Prof Lee Godden, University of Melbourne   24 Apr 11:30 am- 12:30 noon Moot Court Parramatta Campus  
The Implications of Conserving Biological Diversity: Legal Instruments for Managing Nature on Private Land Emeritus Prof David Farrier University of Wollongong

8 May

11:30am- 12:30 am Moot Court, Parramatta Campus  
The Transformation of Australi's Electoral Boundaries John Juriansz Lecturer,Western Sydney University 22 May 11:30 am – 12:30 noon Moot Court Parramatta Campus Available
(PPTX, 313.59 KB)

How Attititudes Towards Animals Affect Animal Welfare Outcomes

Dr Sarah Wilks, Western Sydney University 29 May 11:30 am – 12:30 noon Moot Court Parramatta Campus Available
(PPTX, 1526.82 KB)
Video recording
Title Presenter Date Time Venue Presentation
Cuban legal structures facilitating urban agriculture:adaptation for the NSW local government context Liesel Spencer, Assoc Lecturer, Western Sydney University 14 Aug 11:30 am – 12:30 noon Moot Court Parramatta Campus Available (PPTX, 1966.02 KB)
History Wars and Stronger Future Laws: A Stronger Future or Perpetuating Past Paternalism? Dr Shelley Bielefeld, Lecturer, Western Sydney University 21 Aug 11:30 am – 12:30 noon Moot Court Parramatta Campus  
Medical Law & Litigation Challenges: Consent by parents for children for procedures with no clincal benefit Bill Madden, Western Sydney University  Adjunct Fellow and National Practice Group Leader (Medical Law) Slater & Gordon Lawyers 28 Aug 11:30 am – 12:30 noon Moot Court Parramatta Campus Video recording
The Australian Securities and Investment Commission and Problems of the Civil Penalties Regime Dr Vicky Comino Senior Lecturer, University of Queensland 4 Sept 11:30 am – 12:30 noon Moot Court Parramatta Campus  
The Evolution of Franchising in the Chinese Courts: The Qualifications for a Franchisor and the Application of the Disclosure Requirements by the Courts Dr Zhiqiong June Wang, Lecturer, Western Sydney University 11 Sept 11:30 am – 12:30 noon Moot Court Parramatta Campus  
Implementing Ethical Principles in Medical Data Mining: Ethical and Regulatory Considerations Related to Privacy and Confidentiality in Medical Data Thilla Rajaretnam, Associate Lecturer, Western Sydney University 18 Sept 11:30 am – 12:30 noon Moot Court Parramatta Campus  
Space, Technology and the Challenges they pose for International Humanitarian Law Prof Steven Freeland, Western Sydney University 16 Oct 11:30 am – 12:30 noon Moot Court Parramatta Campus Available
(PPT, 1755.5 KB)
Development of Neurolaw Francine Feld, Lecturer, Western Sydney University 30 Oct 11:30 am – 12:30 noon Moot Court Parramatta Campus