Choosing a Supervisor


NameContact Area of Interest
Professor Michael Adams

Corporate Law, Consumer/Business Law
Dr Hadeel Law, Criminal Justice, Cybercrime, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse
Dr Luke Constitutional Law, Constitutional History, Public Law, Law and Religion
Grace Borsellino

Corporate Governance, Corporate Law
Professor Michael Blissenden Taxation Law, Administrative Law, Trusts Law, Legal Education, Constitutional Law
Jason Donnelly Administrative Law, Anti-Discrimination Law, Criminal Law, Immigration and Refugee Law, Professional Responsibility and Legal Ethics
Dr Patrick Foong Bioethics Law, Civil Procedure, Contract Law, Torts Law, Finance Law
Beatriz Garcia International Environmental Law, Climate Change Law, Forests, Biodiversity Law, International Law, Global Governance
Professor Michael Head Public Law, Legal Theory
Dr Sarah Hook Intellectual Property, Public Law, Administrative Law, Media Law
Dr Cressida Limon Critical and Feminist Legal Theory, Law and Biotechnology, Property Law, Family Law
Dr David Newlyn Business Law, Contract Law, Constitutional Law
Dr Thilla Information Privacy Date Security, Data Governance & Regulation, Cyber Security and Cyber Law
Dr Lucy Robinson Equity & Trusts, Commercial Law, Energy Law, Banking Law, Radiation Control and Nuclear Energy
Assoc Prof Alpana Roy Intellectual Property Law (international and domestic), Alternative Dispute Resolution, Indian and Comparative Law
Dr Kate Sainsbury Criminal Law, Criminal Justice, Criminology
Elen Seymour Taxation Law, Regulation of Government Agencies, Not-for-profit Law, Administrative Law, Social Media and the Law
Liesel Spencer Torts Law, Public Health Law, Legal Geography
Dr June Wang Comparative Law, Law in Asia, Investment Law, International Trade Law, IP Law, Franchise Regulation