Parramatta Community Justice Clinic

Parramatta Community Justice Clinic (PCJC)

Western Sydney University in partnership with Western Sydney Community Legal Centre

Who are we?

The Parramatta Community Justice Clinic (PCJC) is a legal education program of Western Sydney University in partnership with Western Sydney Community Legal Centre. Western Sydney University law students work side-by-side with practicing solicitors who give legal advice to Western Sydney residents who cannot afford a solicitor. Our students gain valuable experience helping vulnerable people while fulfilling the University's mission for social justice and equality.

Can we help?

Do you live in Greater Western Sydney? We may be able to help.

Our areas of law include:

  • Car accidents
  • Debt
  • Traffic and drink driving offences
  • Minor criminal matters in the Local court
  • Fines
  • AVOs
  • Neighbourhood disputes
  • Legal issues for older people
  • Victims support scheme

PCJC can give you advice on many areas of Law listed here


Contact us to start the process and confirm your eligibility - 02 9685 4788.

You will be asked a series of questions including your name, suburb, income, and the name of the other party in your matter (i.e. the name of the other person in your dispute). We cannot give you assistance if you have seen or are seeing a solicitor regarding your matter.

If we cannot help due to our eligibility criteria and areas of expertise we will attempt to refer you to an alternative service provider.

Clinic Hours

Monday to Friday
09.00 am - 1.00 pm

Our in-house solicitors and students meet with clients between the above hours but alternate time may be arranged if needed.

Our Clinic Hours are reviewed on an ongoing basis.

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Parramatta Community Justice Clinic

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Contact Details

Parramatta Community  Justice Clinic (PCJC)
Western Sydney University,
Peter Shergold Building
Level 2, Room 14,
161-169 Macquarie Street (cnr Smith Street)
Parramatta NSW 2150
Phone: 9685 4788


The Parramatta Community Justice Clinic brochure can be downloaded here (PDF).  Please contact the PCJC if you would like copies emailed or posted to you.

Our Partners

The PCJC is an initiative supported by the Western Sydney University, and Western Sydney Community Legal Centre.

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