People and Research

Historians at Western Sydney University

Historians at Western Sydney University are distinguished for their research and have a wide range of interests, with particular concentrations of expertise in intellectual, Asian, European and Australian history. With a strong publishing record in leading national and international journals and with prestigious publishing houses, Western Sydney University historians have also enjoyed recent success in winning national competitive grants, including Australian Research Council Discovery and Endeavour Projects.

If you are interested in submitting an ARC project for Historical Studies through Western Sydney University, please contact the appropriate history staff or the Research Office for more information.

Historians at Western Sydney University frequently comment on historical subjects for the media and public, and can be contacted directly or through the Media Unitfor interviews.

Research Interests of Western Sydney University Historians

  • Professor Greg Barton Environmental History, Imperialism, Global History
  • Dr Brett Bennett Environmental History, Forestry, Biodiversity, Development Studies, Imperialism, Global History, History of Science, Indian Ocean Studies
  • Associate Professor Brett Bowden International Political Theory; Inter-civilisational Relations; International History; International Law & International Organisation; Global Governance; Inter-civilisational Relations; Ethics and International Politics; Ethics of War & Peace; Terrorism & Political Violence; Theories of Civil Society and the State; World History; Citizenship; Human Rights, Democratic Theory & Good Governance; Imperialism & Anti-imperialism; the Concept of Civilization/s; Theories of Justice & International Justice; History of Political Thought; Modern Political Theory; Political Ideology; Colonialism & Anti-Colonialism; and the Ideas of Progress, Modernity & the Philosophy of History.
  • Dr Bridget Brooklyn Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Australian History, Histories of feminism, eugenics, domestic science, WWI, gender and war
  • Professor Simon Burrows British history c. 1700-1850; French history c. 1700-1850 including enlightenment and revolution; history of print culture, book history and press history; intellectual history and the history of political thought; digital humanities
  • Dr David Burchell The history of political thought since the seventeenth century; the history of practical morality in the early-modern world; the relationship between religious belief and intellectual life in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; citizenship and political thought.
  • Dr Drew Cottle Politics; Political Economy; American History; Australian History; Labour History; Race Politics
  • Dr Steven Drakeley Southeast Asian history and politics, especially Indonesia
  • Dr Karen Entwistle Southeast Asian history; History of colonial Indonesia; History of popular culture in colonial Sumatra.
  • Dr Margaret Hanlon International relations; Australian foreign policy, particularly in relation to Indonesia; Politics; Public policy; Maritime issues; Humanitarian intervention; Global governance.
  • Dr Sarah Irving European intellectual history, History of political thought, Imperial and colonial history, Atlantic history, History of science, Australian History
  • Associate Professor Carol Liston Early Colonial Australian History, local history, heritage and the built environment, the colonial development of the County of Cumberland; Australian history prior to 1950 especially local area case studies.
  • Dr Peter Mauch Imperial Japanese Navy; Japanese foreign policy; Japanese rearmament; Japanese-US relations; U.S. foreign policy; international history; World War II; Cold War
  • Dr Milad Milani History of ideas in world religions, early Islamic historiography, medieval Islamic philosophy, Islamic sects and polity, Sufi historiography
  • Dr Alison Moore intellectual and cultural history of late modern Europe; history of France and Germany of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the history of science, psychiatry, psychoanalysis and medicine, the history of gender, sexuality and bodies, World War II memory studies, and historiographic theory; genocide studies, history of ideas, history of music, history and theory of violence.
  • Dr Margarite Poulos Late modern European history; Balkan history and historiography; modern Greek politics and society; Gender and nationalism; nationalism and war; history of European communism and the Left; History of feminism; post war internationalism; democratisation; student movements; war and society; human rights; violence and the state.
  • Dr Elizabeth Roberts-Pedersen Cultural and social histories of war in the modern world; Gender and war; Histories of gender and sexuality; history of desertion, cowardice & other 'unmanly' behaviour in World War II
  • Professor Tim Rowse Australian history - particularly the indigenous, colonial story; and twentieth century Australian history - including government policies towards Aboriginal people, and Aboriginal responses to colonisation; cultural policy; and the history of official statistics; Australian intellectuals in social science and public policy; Comparative settler colonial Indigenous policy
  • Associate Professor Judith Snodgrass Japanese cultural and intellectual history; East-West encounter, empire, and the formation of Western knowledge of Asia; Buddhism in the West, Buddhism and Asian modernity, Buddhist nationalism
  • Dr David Walton Asian history, especially Japan;  International Relations; Political Science; Diplomatic History


Current Higher Degree Research Students

  • thomas Thomas Costigan, United States Dollar Hegemony: The Crisis of a Changing Periphery and a Changing Core, supervisor Drew Cottle. Thomas Costigan is completing a Master of Arts degree on the political economy of the US dollar as worlds reserve currency.The US dollar and its reserve status rose out of the conditions of WW2. He argues that this unique feature has allowed the US to exercise a hegemonic foreign policy since. His research explores how US hegemony will be effected now that the dollar appears to be losing its reserve status.
  • Louise Fanning, Porno Chic: An Analysis of the Costumed Bodies of 1970s  Soft-Porn Films Through The Symbolisms of the Ancient Greek God Dionysus and His Representation as Mask, supervisor Alison Moore
  • simon Simon Fleming, Spirit of British India: Liberal Political Thought and India, 1830-1870, supervisor David Burchell. Judith Snodgrass, Sarah Irving. This thesis is an investigation into the complex and complicated relationship between British liberal thought and India during the first half of the nineteenth century.
  • Ben Graham, The New Leader's Cold War, supervisors Margarite Poulos and Alison Moore
  • Dan Hu, Australia's Foreign Investment Review and its Perception of "National Interest", supervisor David Walton
  • judith Judith Jonker, Sydney's 'Paris Exhibition': An Account of the 'Exhibition of Natural and Industrial Products of New South Wales' held at the Australian Museum in 1854, supervisor Carol Liston, Judith Snodgrass. Judith's research concerns an exhibition held in Sydney at the Museum in 1854 in preparation for the colony's participation at the international Paris Exposition in 1855. She first read about Sydney's 'Paris Exhibition' while doing Honours research and was intrigued by the idea of colonial Sydney hosting such an exotic sounding event. The exhibition brought together an interesting array of the colony's citizenry and its wares, at a time when New South Wales was actively re-determining itself politically and socially. Her thesis explores the way in which the Exhibition was a stage/theatre that assisted the course of this self-determination.
  • megg Denis Kucukovic, Alternative Bosnian Political Modes, supervisor Margarite Poulos. Denis' PhD topic focuses on the Yugoslavian constitution of 1974 and how it is directly involved in the formation of the rigid Bosnian constitution of 1995. Ultimately, his thesis will reveal how and why limitations were placed on a nation's constitution, and which other foreign bodies were responsible.
  • sunilSunil Thapa, A Study on Contribution of Buddhism with Special Reference to Contemporary Society for Peace Establishment, supervisor Drew Cottle, Steven Drakeley. Sunil completed a Master's Degree in Anthropology/Sociology from TU, Nepal. Interested in conflict and the peace process, he is doing research on a similar topic area these days in UWS. He recently presented a paper on "Nepal's peace process: A paralyzed phenomenon?" at the APPRA Conference 2015 in Kathmandu and is working on the article "A paralyzed peace process and TRC in Nepal" jointly with Drew Cottle.
  • charlie