i-Pay instructions for Digitizing Enlightenment Symposium

1. Click 'Continue''

ipay instructions 1

2. Scroll down and find 'School of Humanities and Communication Arts'. Tick 'Digitizing Enlightenment Symposium'.

ipay instructions 2

3. Scroll to the bottom and click submit.

ipay instructions 3

4. Click 'Add to Order' on the first option if you are NOT a student. Alternatively, click 'Add to Order' on the second option if you are a student or unwaged.

ipay instructions 4

5. You must click 'I Agree' before being able to 'Add to Order'

ipay instructions 5

6. Click 'Proceed to Purchase Order'

ipay instructions 6

7. Fill in your details and click 'Continue'

ipay instructions 7

8. Click 'Pay Now' to pay now

ipay instructions 8

9. Fill out your credit card information and click 'pay', then follow the prompts. Do not close the window until the payment has been accepted. When payment is complete, your registration is complete.

ipay instructions 9