How To Prepare For Your Portfolio Interview

You are required to bring 5-8 pieces of original creative work to your interview. This can be work that you've produced for school, a course, or as a personal project, including (but not limited to):

  • Drawings – pencil, pen, pastel, ink, digital
  • Artworks – paintings, collage, sculpture
  • Photographs
  • Graphic design – posters, invitations, business cards
  • Digital media – website, games, video/film, animation
  • Work in progress – visual process diary, experimental, or unfinished work

How to decide what to include
You don't need to have everything that we've listed above, although showing a range of your skills and talent is a good approach. It might be helpful for you to know that we will be evaluating your portfolio using the following criteria:

  • Conceptual thinking and idea development
  • Compositional skills
  • Media use, technique, and execution
  • Digital skills (if appropriate)

How to prepare for your portfolio interview
There are two options for how to present your portfolio.

On screen: put your work on a website, create a PDF, or neatly organise digital files in a folder/album. You must bring your own device such as an iPad or laptop (no phones as this is too small to appreciate your work!), and make sure you test your files prior to the interview.

In a folder: place anything portable/flat in an A3 sized plastic sleeve folder or portfolio case. You may want to mount each work on a piece of white A3 paper to keep things tidy.

You are also welcome to bring sketchbooks or visual process diaries.

For anything large or bulky, please take high quality photos to show us on screen or printed out, and bring those with you instead of the original work.

Your interview is an opportunity to talk about your portfolio and your motivation for studying our program. You will be asked to answer a few questions, and you are also welcome to bring questions for us! You should be prepared to talk about one project in detail during the interview; we are very interested in how you think and solve problems, as well as seeing the final outcome.

You will be interviewed by two academic staff, and including the time to review your portfolio, your session will take about 30 minutes.