360 Degree Film-Making (Virtual Reality) Workshops

Digital Humanities Group members and staff from the School of Humanities and Communication Arts are invited to register for a one-day workshop on 360 degree filming and editing for Virtual Reality (VR) environments.

This workshop has been designed to introduce staff to the basic equipment, technologies and skills required for 360 degree film-making. It will be useful for staff who have little to no experience of 360 degree film-making but who want to use it in their teaching, creative practice or research.

Two ONE-DAY workshops will take place on Parramatta South Campus on Monday 28th August and Friday 1stSeptember. (This is the same workshop repeated and staff should register for one event only).

These workshops have been funded by the Digital Humanities Group and the School of Humanities and Communication Arts.

Developments in VR film-making

VR productions are now used in a diverse number of industries: for employment training in high-risk sectors; for entertainment media including sporting games, music concerts, documentary film, mixed reality drama and electronic art; as well as in educational settings including schools and universities.

Research is growing alongside these developments as researchers seek to understand how VR environments alter perceptions and experiences of content as well as our capacity to learn. Much of this research is currently being carried out by commercial technology leaders like Microsoft or Google or in university labs in the United States.

About the trainer

Michela Ledwidge is an artist, entrepreneur and technologist. She is co-founder of studio Mod. She has produced a number of VR films, exhibitions and interactive experiences. Michela has been an Internet pioneer since the early 1990s, creating the first website in NSW and setting up the National Library of Australia's first web service, before working on some of the largest internet projects in Europe. She has worked n VR since 1997 and is co-founder of Women in AR & VR Sydney.


Please note that there are only 12 places available for each workshop. Therefore we ask that only staff wanting or planning to use 360 filming or editing in their teaching, practice or research apply.

Note: Please apply for one of the following two days only. This is a one day workshop that is being repeated.

Register for Workshop 1: Monday 28th August, 9am to 5pm 

Register for Workshop 2: Friday 1st September, 9am to 5pm  

Workshop schedule

(participants to arrive at 8.45am)

9.00-9.30:        Intro to VR

9.30-12.00:      360 Shoot and Production Workshop

12.00-12.45:    Post production & Editing

4.30-5.00:        Review productions

For more information contact Tanya Notley (t.notley@westernsydney.edu.au)