An Honours year is an exciting and rewarding experience which encourages independent learning and research. It is the main pathway to a career in research, and can also open up many possibilities in industry not available to graduates with a pass degree. It provides the opportunity to pursue your studies at a more advanced level, some students report that they learn as much in the Honours year as in the three previous years combined. A research project forms the basis of the year, and for many people it is a much richer learning experience.

The Honours degrees offered within the school are:

Recent Honours Projects:

  • Locality based partitioning algorithms in distributed virtual environments
  • Approaches for limiting the bypassing of proxy rewalls
  • XML database update
  • Wireless security in home networks
  • Implementaton of a formal language of authorization for the delegation of XML documents
  • Wviews: a world view solver for epistemic logics
  • Ramsey theory
  • Computational imaging in Science (astronomy).
  • Design of composite steel-concrete planks for track supports
  • Water treatment, water supply systems disinfection, wastewater treatment, and water recycling – 2
  • An assessment of the benefits of installing fire sprinkler systems in residential care facilities
  • Cry Baby -In car child to parent communication monitor
  • A mobile and handsfree Nebuliser Machine for Respiratory illnesses
  • The future of 3-D Rapid Prototyping and the HomeBrew Ideology
  • Automatic Traffic Control Board
  • Feature Point Correspondence for 3-D Reconstruction
  • Automation of a door using voice recognition and fingerprint sensing
  • Storm water reuse

Choosing a supervisor for your Honours course

Your supervisor is the main person you will interact with during the course. To be accepted into the Honours course you need to have a supervisor and a project. Your choice of supervisor will be closely related to your Honours project, in that your project would need to be related to their own area of research. Click the link for a list of potential supervisors 

School Honours Coordinators: