PhD Research Program

The SET research group offers a PhD research program in the area of materials and devices for energy conversion. The program involves the following topics:

Solar Materials

This topic aims at the characterisation of solar materials and the formation of new solar materials with enhanced performance.

The proposed projects:

  • Formation and characterisation of pure TiO2 with controlled grain size
  • Formation and characterisation of TiO2 solid solution with donor-type ions
  • Formation and characterisation of TiO2 solid solution with acceptor-type ions
  • Determination the effect of oxygen activity on electrical conductivity
  • Determination the reactivity between TiO2 and other oxide phases
  • Computer simulations of  oxide compositions with desired properties

Water Purification  

This topic concerns the characterisation of novel systems for water purification using solar energy:

  • Water disinfection using pure TiO2 of controlled grain size
  • Effect of semiconducting properties on water disinfection
  • Effect of donor-type of ions on water disinfection

Energy Conversion Devices

The effect of mass transport on performance in water disinfection