National and International Network

  • UNSW

Prof S Li: Thermoelectric materials

  • University of South Australia

Prof P Majewski: Nanotechnology

  • University of Sydney

Prof B Kennedy: Solid state chemistry


ER Vance: Solid state physics

M Ionescu: Solid state physics

K Prince: Surface science

A Atanacio: Solid state chemistry

  • University of Maryland

Prof E Wachsman:  electrochemical energy conversion

Prof S Ehrman: electrochemical energy conversion

  • University of Florida

Prof W Sigmund: photocatalytic energy conversity

  • University of California-Riverside

A/Prof D Kisalius: Nanostructured TiO2

  • University of Tsukuba

Prof A Uedono: Defect chemistry

  • Kanagawa Institute of Technology

Prof Y Ikuma: Photocatalytic energy conversion

  • Helmholtz Centre Berlin

Prof S Fiechter: photoelectrochemical energy conversion

  • University of Calgary

A/Prof V. Thangadurai: Solid oxide fuel cells

  • Jagiellonian University, Cracow

A Micek-Inlicka: surface chemistry

  • Rotary International

J Olsson: water purification

  • University of Newcastle

Prof GE Murch: segregation